dedicated ground

Hello, I am installing two new dedicated circuits, one for the amp and one for the front end. Is it accurate to say that all ground connections should be common to the preamp or can there be a ground for each circuit common to an 8ft brass ground rod? Thanks
there have been numerous threads on this topic. suggest you go thru the audiogon "archives." you'll find a whole library of info.
Cornfedboy, In searching the archives under "ground or grounding" there are a total of 11 posts none of which answer the specific question I have asked. Perhaps there is another topic I should search. Do you know of a topic??
search on the word "dedicated." you'll find several threads re: dedicated circuits with posts re: grounding. i haven't read them all lately but i think you'll likely find what you need.
In choosing the topology of a mains distribution system with audio performance as one of the criteria, you should consider the following areas. First and foremost, safety should be a paramount concern. Many of the proposed fixes offered in pursuit of better sound are truly irresponsible. By all means follow the well-established procedures as dictated by your local building code. Second, in an audio system, it is the elimination of ground potential differences that affect the audible performance of a system. A ground rod, while good for protecting from external events will not do anything to improve the inter-chassis potential differences. Do consider separate home runs for the neutral conductor of each individual duplex outlet. Another good idea is to use bare copper for the ground connection to any duplex within the same junction box. Braid the grounds together to reduce the impedance between each duplex pair. At the meter panel end of the installation, consider using a panel of considerably higher current carrying capacity than necessary for the actual load currents. Larger panels have larger conductors and hence lower impedances between adjacent return points. Kevin Halverson
With the use of isolation transformers dedicated grounds can both stay to code and be very effective. Seek professional guidance.
Thanks Kevin, I am not an electrician and quite frankly I find myself confused. My next step will be to consult with my electrician. Hopefully he will understand exactly what to do. Would it be ok to E-mail you direct if there is a question by the electrician I can't answer? Thanks Richard
While I can't promise a quick response, do feel free to send me email directly. Kevin Halverson