Dedicated circuit to the sound system

Well, not exactly about cables..but close. A friend of mine is an electrician and I'm looking at having him run a dedicated line to the sound system. Is there anything I should suggest to him regarding the wall outlet and wiring to be used? Otherwise I'm sure he'll just go to Lowes and get the standard materials. Are the "high end" electrical wall outlets I've seen on the internet worth the $$...I was just going to use "hospital grade" outlets that have some sort of circuit protection built into them. I guess after this is completed I'll be looking to upgrade the power cords? The wife will be thrilled to hear about this project!
I would use 10ga wire, it doesn't cost much more and can't hurt. I would have him run two while he was at it. The better plugs are worth it, I would skip the protection circuit. Look at the Oyaide outlets, I would use them if I was doing mine now, will switch to them eventually. It does make a difference.
Your electrician will hate you but do use 10 ga. wire and also have him do 2 circuits. The 10 ga is very stiff and a pain to wire up but you only do it once and use the screw terminal on the outlets not the push on hole terminal . I think the upgraded outlets also make a difference I use Porter ports sold here on Audiogon . They are not crazy money like some and grip the power cords very tight.
Here are other outlets to consider...

Wattgate 381
Oyaide 31
Shyunata Research (SR-Z1 AC Outlet )
Synergistic Research (Telsa Plex AC Outlet)
PS Audio makes a very nice outlet as well. I agree with all the others concerning 10awg wire....You could do one with 10g for amp and the other 12g for your digital source assuming you are using one...
Bob you've been around here long enough to know that the forum archives contain zillions of posts regarding dedicated circuits (most commonly called dedicated lines although incorrectly so).
Use #10 Awg. THHN solid wire. And do a forum search, because it's all there for you.
Sometimes a search can give too much info for the little time I have at work to view the results. Now that I'm home today I'll be looking since my electrician buddy will be here tonight.

Appreciate the quick responses though.