Dedicated Circuit

I'm thinking about running a separate line from my breaker box to the outlet I use for my system.  What is a good wire to get, preferably not too expensive?  Also, would it be beneficial to change it to 20A? Anybody got a good link where I can read up on this?  
There are no good links. The info is all either electricians who know nothing about audio, or audiophiles who never ran a line so don't really know. I've run several versions to my room, so I know. The biggest benefit is simply to run a direct line. This eliminates the usual multiple connections along the way. It is well worth the money, as is going up to 20 amps or 10 awg.   

Use a good quality audio outlet. Synergistic, Furutech, QSA, I don't care just don't waste your time with the "hospital grade" crap. Nothing you will find in any hardware store is any good, period. 

Anything beyond this yes it will be even better but the cost is a lot for how much better it gets. That is why, unless you are doing some no-holds barred type thing, my advice is one 20A line and call it good. Save to spend where it will make more difference. Like with a power conditioner, power cords, etc. 
@millercarbon  I'm only planning to run one dedicated line.  Don't need anything more than that.  I recently got some power cables from Ice Age Audio on the recommendation of Don Sachs.  A good power conditioner is on my list of future upgrades.  Currently using using a basic Furman unit. 
@yogiboy Thanks for the link. I was actually looking at that exact wire on HD's website a few hours ago.  
In theory, the running of a dedicated line to your stereo should help to eliminate "noise" created by other appliances sharing the line.  TV would be a good example.  Keeping in mind that both power conditioners and your amplifier are supposed to be able to clean up the power source, filter out all the noise and eliminate ground loops, it's questionable how much a dedicated line adds to the overall sound?  If you choose a 20 amp breaker, your local building code likely mandates a 12 gauge wire.  Depending on your system, even this may be overkill.  During operation, your average stereo probably pulls less than 2 amps.  The standard 15 amp breaker on 14 gauge wire should never be a problem.  Having said that, if your taking the time and trouble to run a dedicated line, I would go 12 gauge/20 amp.  10 gauge wire is quite costly and not required.  
Do a forum search for posts by jea48. His comments provide the most thorough and professional advice regarding dedicated circuits, including answers about what specific wire to use.

Thanks for the info!! Since I don't need to tear up any walls to run the wire, my thoughts were might as well run a dedicated line.  It certainly won't be detrimental.  Also, just found my dad has 100 ft of 12 gauge Romex at his house.  My only expense would be getting a higher quality outlet.
I have a solid wire 12AWG/20A AC circuit for the PC & TV while the Audio Rig has a dedicated stranded wire 10AWG/20A.