Dedicated circuit?

In our new rental digs there's a 20 amp dual outlet in the wall just below below a high, sealed window. The landlord tells me this once served an aircon unit. It has it's own circuit breaker down in the basement. Tonight I'm going to rearrange my gear to take advantage of it. Does this relic qualify as a dedicated circuit or is there more to a dedicated circuit than this?
It sounds dedicated to me.
As long as there are no other outlets on that breaker.
If the hot, neutral and ground wires share a direct and singular path to the breaker box, it is a dedicated line. Chances are from what you've described, it probably was "dedicated" to the air conditioner and would work great for your AC system. Sean
And if it's really OLD and exercised by high-current use the junky insulation is probably of lower dielectric involvement, so it'll sound cleaner up top than a NEW Romex line, too!