Dedicated cdps that excel in vertical soundstaging

Any players at the 1k used level that excel in this area? I have found many that due l-r and front to back imaging...few add height...thanks...
vertical imaging? guitars from the basement? From the ceiling? no way. looking for a cdp to get vertical imaging for under $1k? I don't think you'll find one for $15k that will help you. Placement of your speakers: and that's a big maybe for vertical imaging...peace, warren
Agreed with Warrenh - what you are looking for is a function of speaker/room matching and placement.
Agree with Warrenh & Esoxhntr, with emphasis on the speaker design, which is more important than the room interface to the extent that a lot of speakers will not give you the height factor except at loud volumes no matter how well you set them up, and some speakers won't give it up at all. Best case scenerio speakers that give you height at low volume. If its in the recording your electronics will pass the signal thru to your speakers. IMHO.
I forgot to mention. I don't believe there is such a thing as vertical imaging. Where do you expect these instruments to come from? I've been to a whole lotta jazz clubs, living in the Big Apple area. Never heard a piano coming out of the ceiling. Never heard brushes on a snare coming from way down there. Why would ya? Vertical imaging? I don't think so....
Warren, When talking about vertical imaging its much more about the sense of space. But, FWIW I've heard "point source" speakers like your Caravalles for example, with solo voices where the voice seemed to originate from a location on a plane with the tweeter/midrange about 3 to 4 feet above the floor. Don't know of many vocalists that short.

The same recording on some planers and line stages will create an illusion that the voice is coming from a higher, and more natural, plane. Same goes for classical orchestral music - when you sit in the front most rows were you can hear some clearly direct sounds from the instruments most of the real stage will be at and above eye level. Not so with point source speakers, the image is typically vertically compressed unless you really crank up the volume.

We are not talking about just the direct sound of the instruments, but the totality of the environment that its playing in, including hall induced reflections etc. With good speakers properly set up and with good source materiel you should have a soundstage that fills the area behind and above your speakers as it would in real life. Thats why some folks like panel and line source speakers. No free lunch here. Its a rare speaker that does it all.
Well gents...I have taken some heat for this post...and maybe rightfully so(spelling errors included!) any rate...I was thinking of vertical dispersion in terms of atmospherics,harmonics,acoustics,etc...similiar to NEwbee's speakers do possess this ability...but I believe it is more recording and source dependent...hence the may not be the most "accurate" or "natural" presentation for imaging purists...but I enjoy being a large sonic presentation...
Phasecorrect, I will agree with you that CDP's can make a difference and had you asked for recommendations without the expression that "few add height" I think you might have gotten a few more responses on point, as opposed to the discourse on speakers & rooms. At least now you've defined what you were referring to perhaps you will. Personally, in that price range I'd look at something with tubes as having the potential to deliver what you're looking for.
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realistic soundstage? realistic imaging? I never quite understand that. the only way a soundstage can be judged as "realistic" is to have a recording of a live (acoustic) performance, and know exactly where all the muscians were playing on the stage. Seems to me, other than that, soundstage/imaging are as "realistic" as the sound engineer's mixing board....
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Tvad, what I don't understand, however, is how do you know that your "visualization" is accurate if you weren't at the performance? How do you know where the musicians were set up? Or, does it matter?
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You were the one who mentioned "realistic" soundstage. Not realistic sound, but realistic soundstage. I was just wondering what your referrent was. Obviously, from your post, you do not have one. Whatever floats your boat....peace, warren
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