Dedicated Audio Room Plans....

I will be renting a home for about a year or so while we plan and build a new home. My wife agrees that a separate, dedicated audio room is best for us all. Does anyone know of sources for various plans for such a room that one might review and pick the best elements from before sharing ideas with the architect/builder? Any that show specific materials lists and/or dimensions would be MOST welcomed. Thanks
Try the Cardas website for some dimensions, and don't forget to allocate space for the mini-fridge. Congratulations on your new house.
Congrats on the new home and what a wife too! One of the better things you could do is read Everest's book .

Also Rives site and Art Ludwig's Site is good.

Cheers and Good Luck

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Clueless--thank you. Our company specializes in listening room designs. We do this at real world prices and customized to the listener specifications. In fact, our designs will probably save you considerable money, as we use common building materials. We can design from conservative (regular rectanglular with appropriate dimensions, materials, and construction) to the exotic (Bill E.s room for example--written about here more than a few times). In any case, you should take advantage of this opportunity. Please do visit our website at and you can get a better feel for the different services we offer and then please call us with any questions.
I forgot one important site. here You might want to start diggin now! Take a look at that ceiling too. How understanding is your wife? I think that's the way Rives does them(hehehe).

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As always, I strongly recommend buying F. Alton Everest's "Sound Studio Construction on a Budget", which covers all kinds of sound rooms, including domestic listening rooms. Advice from others here is doubtless great too, but you should definitely read Everest and learn a lot of theory as well as getting a lot of practical advice. IMHO.
I shall scale the Everest mount to learn what I can. Would appreciate any and all suggestions from others, while thanking those who have contributed thus far.

Rives, your site is certainly well constructed, I'm sure you do good work, and I'd wager many have benefitted from your efforts. For now, I will endeavor to learn all that I can from publicly available sources but may avail myself to your offer of services at some later point.
No amount of planning is going to gaurantee you a great sounding room. I have read both of Evretts' books and built a dedicated room and so far I would kill for the sound I used to get in my living room. It seems like almost every shop I have been to prefaces the listening with an excuse for the acoustics. All I can say is cross your fingers, I hope you come out happy. If I were to do it again I would certainly get some profesional help.