dedicated amp outlet vs avs 2000

I am setting up a new system but it would be very difficult to get a dedicated electrical outlet to that location in my house due to architectural limitations. Would connecting the amp, a Krell 300cx , to a monster cable avs 2000 and then connecting tha avs 2000 to the series electrical outlet be adequate to supply the amp. Any other suggestions.
I'd be interested to see what Krell say's on this. Why not call em and get back to us? I've been considering using an AVS2000 on a job with bigger amps, and was wondering what they'd hold before giving up dynamics! I've know what they'll do on smaller receivers and such, but not bigger power current hungry dudes like the Bigger Krells. Let us know what they say.
I use the AVS-2000 with a Cal Audio MCA-2500, and you can hear the 2000 churning!! Constantly moving!! I can not hear a difference with the 2000 in the loop versus not.

However, I would love to eliminate the 2000 from the equation!
You could try a wiring/raceway system called "Wiremold" which is a wall mounted decorative raceway that runs flush with the base molding of walls. Even the outlet boxes are surface mounted. This avoids cutting behind and into walls and I've seen them used in very old (colonial) houses where they are hardly noticable. Ask an electrician or an architect. Just a thought, I don't know your situation so it may or may not be an answer.
I own an avs.2000----Don't even think about it for hungry power amps. When I hear the name Krell I always think hungry power amps.It is fine for your tv tho.
I just (today) finished running dedicated lines to my equipment. It only took a year.
Find a way to run the dedicated lines. You will not be sorry.
That's exactly what i'm doing. No pc's for the time been. I will give you an update once i get my 4 dedicated lines done. Great listening.

Dedicated line gets my vote! If there is no way for this then consider PS Audio Ultimate Outlet for the amp and sell the avs-2000 to help pay for this. You may also consider U/O for your other gear or perhaps a Power Plant! Happy Listening

I am getting 4 dedicated lines; two 20 amp and two 15 amp, so as to be able to separate mono amps,digital and analog components. To keep things simple, i'll be using romex 10/2 for the 20-amp lines and 12/2 for the 15-amp lines. Cryo treated Hubbell 5362 outlets will finish the lines. If i need any post outlet power treatment i'll find out later. Though benefits may be realized with these, i think the dedicated lines will take most of the way there. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for your advise!