Dedicated AC Line, Part 1,999,957

OK, I've read all the archived discussions on dedicated AC lines and have decided to take the plunge, but still have a few questions: I haven't seen any reference to BX/MC AC cable and I'm thinking of using it. The cable is 3X10ga conductors in a flexible metal shield. The shield connects to the outlet box at one end and the breaker panel box at the other. This seems like a great cable for audio, any reason not to use it? I will be putting in two 4-outlet isolated ground boxes 7 feet apart with the closer one 35 feet from the breaker panel. I'm considering running two separate lines to each 4-outlet box. Will the 7 foot difference in ground length give me ground loop problems? Should I keep them the same length? OR, should I just put all 8 outlets on the same 20Amp line? Finally, if I do go with two lines, how should I divide up my equipment connections. Obviously, I willput digital on one and analog on the other, but on which group should I put the amp and preamp? Thanks

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Hi, Would you let me know how do you ground your dedicated lines? Thanks