dedicated 70's rock system

I want a system dedicated to mostly poorly recorded 70's rock music that can draw me into the music rather than repel me by the inherent edginess etc. when played through many a high end system....the system is to be dedicated to cd reissues only, can be used or new system price shall not exceed ten thousand dollars, in a dedicated room roughly 25' x15'...only one special request, the sound must be full at moderate volumes and not just at "rock appropriate" volumes....thank you!
Vintage Klipsch corner horns, Forte II or Altec Lansing Model 19 loudspeakers, used McIntosh 6900 integrated amp, CD player of your choice ~$1000. Should easily come in under $8,000 including wire.
Tvad, you may have nailed it with the Klipsch corner horns. I have replicas, and they certainly have full sound at any level. And not harsh in the high frequencies, which seems to be the bad about 70 rock cds. Just make sure everything in the room is nailed down in your room before you crank them.
You might need to consider a digital equalizer!
Cerwin Vegas, Sansui receiver ought to do it ;-)
Sorry but you can do much better than Cerwin V's...
How about a cleaned-up Marantz 2270 receiver (I'll take the midrange control of the Marantz over the more popular Sansui) and 2 pair of original Advents stacked? or a modded Dahlquist DQ-10's and a sub? or JBL Jubals or L-150, L-166.
Altec 19: great idea, rarely available, hard to ship. Same with JBL L-300.
More fun with a turntable than cd.. Rega P-2 to start with.
A set of used Magnaplanars with a old tube amp should do the trick with 'edginess'.

XK: Mine's still funnier.
Nuthin' funny about Cerwin Vega and Sansui. That combo would ROCK!

Yeah it did!
Dont forget to put an 8 Track player in the wanna keep it real right???????????? :)
First of all active speakers, secondly: old JBL models, like 250Ti driven by old krell or levinson models.
okay you guys..I have just found a vintage mint marantz 2270 receiver in my attic.....what speakers and what CDP to complete my 70's all rock and roll all the time system?...BTW, there were NO 8 track tape players or stacked advents up there!!........
The Large Advent or Klipsch Forte II.
I have a system with an Accuphase E-202 integrated driving Ohm C2's. Garrard 301. Sony ST-5950 tuner. Pioneer CT-F9191 Cassette. Extremely nice.
The large advents stacked tweeter to tweeter would probably be best buys pricewise. You might need to refoam the woofs on many old speakers. You have a receiver so try to be patient and buy locally so you can listen before you buy, May not be your cuppa as they say. Klipsch also. Not sure how jbl 4300-l100 series sound with marantz. Dahlquist dq-10 pop up time to time. Altec santanna, Esss, Infinity qb. Haven't heard those with marantz either but good vintage speakers. Forget ebay prices. You can buy speakers for free ( need refoaming and owners think they are blown) to 700 (for klischorns) in my area. Just make noises like mmm at every percieved scratch/flaw while frowning at every little defect.LOL. With the rolled off highs IMHO you can use belden or magnet wire as well as anything fancy. Old Dual, Linn, Rega turntable? Someone else will hopefully chime in on that one. Check dc output of the marantz cause its been sitting in that attic a long time. May need work. Just be prepared to tweak vintage gear till it is up to speed Nothing too fancy, caps and resitor/inductors in the speakers if needed. That's why you can get them so cheap!. Happy holidays.
Would agree with the Klipschorn speaker recommendation; but think you should consider tubes for the sources. Also, a tube cd player would really make you happy, currently using an older Cary in my system.
Just my thoughts, Charlie
JBL 4311 monitors, 2 Hafler power amps, Yamaha C-70 pre.
What about the Soundcraftsman equalizer to ameliorate those nasty frequencies? Remember that product? The more bands you got, the cheaper the unit. Somehow, these went out of fashion.

Believe it or not, I lived thru the 70's with a pair of Quad ESLs, tube amp and ARC SP-3a-1 preamp, using a (then cutting edge, no pun) Panasonic SP-10 DD Turntable on a Music & Sound 'plinth.' This system replaced a Phase Linear 700, driving stacked Advents, and definitely made more music, at far lower dbs.
Technics SP-10 is cutting edge still...
Zaikesman's got it right, as usual.

However, you could also substitute a Marantz receiver and/or any Infinity speakers with the EMIT tweeters.

Despite the historically correct vintage of the Sansui, the blue lights on the Marantz receivers - and in particular the one with the oscilliscope - might best complement the 70's music and your bong.

Rock on.
Hard to beat the classic Pioneer SX-1980 receiver c.1978 ...