Dedicate Cd player help

I am looking for a compatible 2 channel cd player only for my 70's Mcintosh system. I want to find a player with a non fatiquing sound under $1200. Lookeed at Arcam, Marantz, Rega. Any other suggestions?
Jolida 100, $1000 and can be moddded or sound tweaked with tube change...I wish I could grab one!
Chad's got the right idea. The Jolida JD100 is a bargain at well under the $1200 mark. Even bigger bargain used. If I had the need of a budget player, I would still have one around.

I might add the Music Hall CD25 to the list as well.
The Shanling T-100, because of it's VERSATILITY (tube and solid state output, both available in switchable upsampling) plus a dandy tubed headphone amp built-in make this player a must-investigate. As for the looks, its a matter of taste. In a darkening room, the thing is downright gorgeous...Sonically speaking, I much prefer it to the Jolida (my previous player). Again, its all a matter of taste !
I can only say to you try to find a used Arcam cd92 for around 700,just a amazing digital source,very smooth sound.It looks like people will pay about anything for them,from 600 to well over 800.But a fair price is 700.
I find the Marantz SA8260 non fatiguing. Very nice sounding outperforming a Sony 555es by a significant margin. Can be had for 850 brand new from someone advertising here(sorry don't remember his moniker).
You should check out the TRL Sony 595. For about $700 you'll get a very musical CD. Check out the thread about it here and the 6moons review.
I auditioned the above mentioned...and went with the Denon 1650ar....its so smooth its almost too much of a good thing...and one of the better cdps as far as soundstaging goes...great build...about 4-$500 used...