Decware ZLC power conditioner

Electricity befuddles me.  Each time I change power cords, conditioners and outlets it changes and improves the signal.  I recently installed Steve Deckart's new Decware ZLC power conditioner replacing my Furman Elite 15i and it is a remarkable improvement.  Not that the Furman didn't do a good job and clean things up.  It's just that the ZLC is superior in every way.

The bass is even deeper and more stable.  Imaging filled in with the instrumentation becoming more intimate and separated.  A blacker background ensued which brings about better texture of instruments.  Vocals opened up even more.  Everything became more immediate, which is why I went to active speakers in the first place.  The unit simply supports and improves my audio goals of a solid facsimile of live performance in my listening space.

Naim UnitiServe (with custom external power supply), Nordost Valhalla 1 digital, Mojo Mystique V3 DAC, Manley Neo Classic 300B preamp, Decware ICs, Oyaide Rhodium wall outlet, Patrick Cullen PCs, WireWorld Silver Eclipse 8 RCA to XLR (preamp to speakers), ATC SCM 40 active floor standers, Isoacoustics Gaia ll footers, Quadraspire Reference X equipment stand.
Never heard of it but thanks for the heads up. I've been considering something like this for a while but the buy in cost has always turned me off to the prospect.

I'm going to wait to hear more feedback but here is a link for others to consider as well:

It seems that Steve has been up to his usual good work.

All the best,
Did you compare it to an Equitech 2Q before buying?
ptss:  I did not. I like Steve Deckert"s work and went with that.

I'm running Decare's best ICs.  I've run his ZDAC and speaker cables having never been disappointed with performance/cost ratio. 

An addendum:  the ZLC benefits from placement on a Quadraspirre Sunoko Vent amp stand and further benefits with a VPI DB5 Magic Brick placed on its head.  But then, what doesn't?
Can't seem to find any reviews on this product.

Does  anyone know if it also offers surge protection?

        Just had a conversation with Steve Deckert at Deware and he stated the ZLC conditioner has excellent spike protection but not surge protection as that would require a re-generator.  He also added that his amps are designed to "not care whether they are fed 110 or 130 volts."  Hence, no focus on surge protection.  Hope this helps.
A lot of my time searching/purchasing lately has been in this area of system building. The unit seems legit and the price is right. Lifetime warranty doesn’t hurt either. Further investigating is required.

Guaranteed not to hum. The Audioquest units cost an arm and a leg and according to many posts here, have a history of humming. In addition, looking at the internals of the AQ units, it looks very complicated. I don't feel like it has to be that way.