Decware Zen with Paradigm?

Im thinking of purchasing the Decware Zen SE84. My main concern is the efficiency of my Paradigm Studio Reference 20 V.2 speakers. Is anybody using this combo, or simply let me know if this should be an ok match? I think the V.2 have a sensitivity of 89db, maybe 90, but I can't seem to find exact info. Any information appreciated.
NOT a good combo to say the least. Paradigm's want voltage and current and this amp has neither. Sean
Sean is correct. This is not a good match. The Zen can be an excellent amp with the right speakers, but the Pardigms aren't the right speaker!

For a really great combo, check out the Zen with David Dutill's Parker Audio 95 mkII. Nice speaker designed to take advantage of the Decware Zen's strengths.


Sorry, try this for URL for Parker Audio.... without the www in front!

Thanks for your responses, and the link to the speakers. Assuming i want to keep my speakers for now, any suggestions for other tube amps in the $1000 range? I'm presently using a Bottlehead Foreplay pre with a NAD C370 amp while my Sim Audio Moon I-5 is in the repair shop, and I've really been smitten by the tube sound with my analog front end. I am also considering a Bottlehead Paramour, but prefer not to build it and the wait time is many weeks.

Any suggestion welcomed.

I built and run a pair of Paramours and they are very good for the price. I still don't know that the 3.5 watts/ch. is really going to work well with the Paradigms.

I recently owned both a stock and a modified Cayin TA-30 integrated amp and they were both outstanding values. They are 35 watts/channel which will definately drive your speakers. For value, the stock unit is excellent, for increased sonic performance, the Bizzy Bee mod'd unit is very nice. See for details. The owner, Paul G. is a great guy.

I've owned other budget tube amps from Antique Sound Labs, Anthem and others and the Cayin TA-30 was less expensive and noticably superior in sonics and build quality. Like some of the others, it's built in China, so let your wallet and conscience be your guide.