Decware Zen Monoblocks & Coincident Triumph Combo

I am concidering getting a pair of DECWARE ZEN amp (running them in mono) to match a pair of Coincident Triumph Signatures (94db).

Does anyone have any experience with this combo?

Does anyone have any experience with the ZEN with another speaker?
Can I get some help here!

This question will be answered quickly by Decware owners if you post on the Decware Forum at:

There are a lot of Decware Amp owners there with lots of experience with different speakers.

FWIW, I have tied a single Decware Zen Select with a couple of different speakers that I own and did not have good results. A single Zen Stereo amp likes a very low impedence load like nom. 2 Ohm. It didn't work well at all with my highish effeciency 8 ohm speakers.

I can say that I have heard the Zen sound absolutely great in a couple of my friends systems.

Decware makes several different amps. Maybe the Integrated or Torii would work better with the Coincident speakers.

Anyway, ask the experts at the Decware Forum. You will get an answer.


Brian Cheney of VMPS measured the output of a Zen amp and it was well below the rated output power. As such, it would only be a good candidate for those that use highly efficient speakers and / or only listen at very moderate levels. If you can find an amp that is rated for at least a "real" 8 wpc ( 300B, etc... ), you might have better luck while still being able to retain that "tube sound" that you seem to be after. Sean