Decware - Wright Sound - - phono stages??

Been reading about these companies, but find very little discussion here about them??????

Anyone own or have auditioned their products, particularly their phono stages???

I have a wright wpp100c - a great unit, superb value. Excellent sonics, compares with stuff @ 3-7 times the price. Certainly better and more involving than the BAT I had been using. Check for more discussion on this item.

I greatly agree with Ed's description of the WPP100C from Wright Sound. I've been using mine for 6 months only but never had the urge to tweak or replace it. Dead quiet, very nice sounding with retro styling. It is pleasing to the eye if aesthetics is your cup of tea. Support is also exceptional from George Wright.

I have mine running on Mullard 12AU7 and 6GK5. The latter, sounds better than any 6ER5's that I've tried so far. Mid-Low output MC cartridge is not a problem either because of its 65 dB voltage gain. For a low output (0.4mV and below) a step -up transformer is recommended.

Also, I've read some owners that replaces the two adjustable pots and gain improvements as a result. I've never gone that far yet because warranty is still in effect.

Good Luck in your phono pre hunting!