DECWARE tube amp- Reciews? Experience?

Does anyone know of any reviews or have any information on the Decware Zen Triode Amp? Anyone own one or have listened to it? Thanks
PlanetHiFi did a review a few issues back. I would check it out. I only live about 45 miles from Peoria, where DecWare is based. I had Steve rebuild some woofers on an old pair of speakers. While I was there, I listened to his amplifier and was quite surprised by its three dimensional sound.
I actually auditioned a Zen Triode Amp some months ago. It's quite dimensional, but you reallu need efficient speakers with high sensitivity, this thing only puts out 5 watts. Thus, there was severe clipping in my system with this little baby. So, I sent it back, preffering the sound of my trusty NAD 3020 integrated. In fact, I still haven't found anything reasonably priced to replace it with. Hope this helps.
I purchased a Zen SE84B from Steve Deckert and I couldn't be more thrilled. I am stunned with what I hear: an amazing 3D soundstage and a musical presentation I've never experienced before. I find myself listening at much lower volume levels, because I'm hearing the detail now that I used to have to increase volume with my SS gear to hear. In short: Steve Deckert's amps are worth every penny and his 30-day money-back gurantee make it a no-brainer. Here's the caveat: I did have to look for more efficient speakers, however. My 88dB efficient N.E.A.R. 40Me's were too much for the amp so, I switched to some 90dB monitors. I hardly listen to my SS amp anymore. Also I've been experimenting with single drivers in modified old cabinets and a variety of super-efficient Eminence drivers designed for PA applications. I took my amp to a local hi-fi store and auditioned some used Klipsch KSP-400's which are 95dB efficient. Those speakers needed about 1/3 the gain I needed with my monitors. The folks at the shop wanted to know who made this little jem... A friend of mine is having stunning results running his Zen amp on 20-year old Klipsch Heresey's.
The Zen Select SV84 C-S that I bought recently exceeded my expectations. I completely agree with the perspective cited by Mstieb above. The amp works well with speakers rated 90dB or above with typical load impedances (lower than 8ohms). The sound is indeed stunning coming from this miniscule amp. I recently bought mine used on Audiogon, and wanted to share my enthusiasum for this company and this product in particular.