Decware or Primaluna

Does anyone have experience with the Primaluna Dialogue line and the Torii MkIII or MKIV Decware amps?

I am considering the Decware and the Primaluna Dailogue Inetgrated running either the Tekton Pendragons or the Lores as my speakers, both very efficient and I considered a pair of Klipsch RP 260-F or RP 280-F in piano Black, they are on sale and the GF really likes the look!

Thank you!

I may be biased, but I'm a big fan of Steve Deckert and all things decware.  I don't think that you will ever go wrong, with regard to sound quality, build quality or resale value, with a decware amp.  The Torii is one of the most musical and flexible amps I have ever tried.

Lots of guys love their Primaluna amps but they are just not my cup of tea.  Your ears will have to be your guide.

I had a Primaluna PL2, great amp but the Decware mini torii beats it all over.  Much tighter, sweeter sound.  Beware most decware amps are low watts, the Torii and Torii jr are about 15-20 watts

I owned the Decware Torii IV, then quickly upgraded to the ZMA.  My speakers needed power, thus the ZMA was ultimately the better choice.

I did like the Decware gear better than Primaluna, but I have since changed over to Linear Tube Audio electronics which mate better with my speakers.  LTA also has many Tekton customers.  Their 10 watt (conservative) amp would more than drive Tekton speakers.

Decware amps are the best sounding transformer driven tube amps in their price range, and Decware is a super company to work with.  If I hadn't discovered LTA I would still be blissfully ignorant.  I also really liked Decware's looks, but that's shallow and doesn't help the sound.

The LTA gear eliminates traditional iron core output transformers, which provides better transparency, better dynamics, great bass, and 3D imaging.  The tube sound has no transformer haze, that you don't realize exists until its not there. The ZOTL10 will have the same driving power of the Torii (forget the stated wattages) and costs $300 less.

I use the ZOTL40 rated at 40 watts/ch, the same stated power as the Decware ZMA.  The difference in driving power is not subtle.  Oh, and since LTA gear uses David Berning's ZOTL design, tubes last from 10-20 years and are auto-biased.  Without the transformers, the amps are also featherweight.  I had a 100 pound McIntosh amp once; never again.