Decware Mini Torii 2011 vs Audion Silver Night

My Audion Silver Night is down. I had it fixed in 2013 for about $1100.
I looked at Decware Mini Torii for a lower price than the repair.,The Decware is used.
should I get the Audion fixed or buy the Decware. The Audion  is new for 6K, 300B.
you think it's that much better or not. I don't know anything about Decware, but I heard 
It's pretty good.
any help,
i just moved, maybe that's why the Audion is not working, although I packed it in
the Audion original box and packing.

What speakers do you have,what do you think is wrong with your audion.

I have heard the mini torii always thought it sounded like it was straining and that was with efficient speakers.

Im using Rogers Studio 1 speakers. 86.5 db.,not efficient enough.
but that's not the main problem.
I have the speakers on eBay, thought I would sell get a more efficient pair.
i spoke to Audion, they say ship it up, we'll take care of it.
i have no idea what's wrong, was fine before I moved. Very carefully packed,
put in my car.
turn it on, can't hear any music.


I'm sorry to hear that,did you check for a blown fuse,probably has one near the pwr plug in by chance.

Does it pwr up at all?
I'm not familiar with this amp so I can't really help you but maybe somebody that is will chime in.

thanks, first thing I checked. It's working now, I put in a new 6922 tube,
not really sure that helped. It's plays, no volume, might be the low efficient
speakers. I need speakers with a db of 90, db95 would be better.
i didn't take my old speakers, gave them away. Never had a problem with them.
i hate moving, nothing is the same.
i also don't want to ship it to Audion, Maybe nothing wrong. Old like to try new speakers before I send it. Trouble buying speakers.
thanks for your help.
I'd be cautious in getting the Mini Torri before listening to one.  I've heard and own a number of Decware amps, and the Mini Torri is very unique in its sound compared to the rest of the lineup.  If you are interested in a Decware amp, call up Steve at the company, talk to him about your room and system and go from there.
The audion should be able to give some kind of sound even with the rogers speakers,If the amp is working.

I once tried a 2watt 45 tube amp with 87db speakers and it played but not very much volume as I expected,I just tried it as a experiment years ago.Offcourse your amp has 8watts so if working correctly you should be able to hear it just not going to be very loud.

As @kdude66 said, if the amp is working, you should hear music through your speakers, even if they are inefficient. You just won't be able to play them loud without the amp clipping.

If you are not getting any sound you either have a setup/configuration problem, or something is broken.