Decware Line Conditioner - Worth the wait?

I'm interested in the Decware Line Conditioner which is just under $1000. Only issue is the 25 week build time.

Is it worth the wait, or what would you recommend of comparable quality at the same price point?
I had one on order, they look the part and are very well built. I cancelled because of how far backed up they became after I placed my order. I’m generally not very patient. I will order again when things get a little more normal.
Things are pretty crazy!

Around here the bike shops have no inventory and won't be getting any in for their spring sales until late November, and the local kayak shop won't be getting any boats to sell this summer until the end of August.

Not sure with Decware though what is normal for build times.
I picked up a pair of Decware 60 watt MB 13-4 years ago it was 17 weeks THEN..

I ordered a ZP3 Phono/Tape preamp November 19 2020.  Look at their current build list. David B. that's me.  I actually paid 2 weeks before that. That is why my SN is ahead of the guy in front of me, I'm 265, he is 266.

They haven't pulled parts YET.. Almost 5 months NOW.. I say 3 more months.. I'll post and let EVERYONE know..

YES this guy needs to hire some more qualified staff and PAY them..
Sounds like he needs an apprenticeship program.. BIG TIME..

They couldn't get BeesWax caps either for the tape section. They wanted to sub with Mundof I declined the offer.. And one upped it to copper foils, NOW that's in question.. CRAP leave them out.. I'll get my own.. Problem is there is no way to bench test.. I'll go with polys for the breaking in before I use Mundof. They have a sound of their own.. Supreme Silver/gold.

It use to be a work of ART inside Decware gear. The only reason I bought it the first time. I was in the neighborhood working (actually the next state over :-)) so I stopped in and placed my order, in person with cash. They must have counted that money 10 times.. LOL 11K