Decware - any substance here?

With such a nice and extensively detailed website, I've long been curious about Decware. But with little in the way of genuine reviews, and not much in the way of discussion here, I always wonder if they are nothing more than that, a great website. They clearly have a dedicated fanbase, but my problem with the fanbase is this: most of them (not all of course) seem to have limited experience with products besides Decware, as if they stumbled upon Decware and never bothered with other brands. Maybe this is positive, that once experienced they don't have the typical audiophile itch to try other amps. I'm specifically struck by the new Torii MKIII push-pull amp, which in description and looks is just beautiful. So does it interest anyone here? Has anyone actually heard it, or it's previous incarnations? If so how does it rate amongst the other quality tube amps, whether Blue Circle, Cary, Vac, Almarro, Atma-Sphere, etc...?
It bums me out also. I just checked to see if he'll be at RMAF and no, again this year he isn't on the exhibitor list.
In his defense, he does have his own "fest", and I'm sure his argument would be that this way you (we) aren't limited to one or two systems to listen to; but IMHO it is more valuable in the course of pinning down what floats your proverbial to be able to hear a Decware system, and then listen to several other ideas of what $5K should sound like immediately after.
I own a couple of Decware amps and they are great, and the people behind the product are great. It's one of the few tube products I've owned, and the only tube amp I have kept. I'm not saying it's the best because I haven't heard a lot of tube gear, but I think that because it's a small company that has good people behind it, makes the difference.

As for RMAF and reviews? All of that takes money, and when I see companies displaying and advertising, I know that their customers are paying for it. There is nothing wrong with that, it's just business, but I have a lot of respect for companies that can create great products and stay in business because they invest in their customers. There are not many, but they deserve special attention. I feel that Decware is such a company.
I own the DAC and it is terrific. It runs the Cirrus Logic CS 4398 DAC chip which is the flagship chip. You will find this chip in very very expensive DACs. I have friends far tweekier than me who love this DAC and other DECWARE products.

They've spent the time and resources way beyond the average audiophile and simply profess the advantages of a small manufacturer such as DECWARE who had no advertising budget and can produce product beyond the large companies with a different business model.
Dollar for dollar the Decware line must be classified as top shelf value. I have owned the select mono's, Taboo, original "blue Torii",and the Torii mkII.

These amps are all fast,they have a big sound stage,image very well and are musically pleasing. They are hand made (all point to point wiring) in the USA

What's not to like? They are all low powered,the chassis is of a light weight and are not dead quiet.

I have also owned Cary, McIntosh, Airtight, VTL, Art Audio and others. Decware will hold its own with the more costly group.

The 30 day trial period makes it hard to go wrong.
What's not to like? They are all low powered, the chassis is of a light weight and are not dead quiet.

Not dead quiet? A typo, yes?
They ARE dead quiet. No spitting, sparks, smoke or humming. No glue or cheap Chinese parts inside and no gaudy exteriors. Their value far exceeds their price, which galls some audio consumers who buy in part based upon a large price tag.

The designer will make himself available for personal one-on-one conversations about the equipment and its use. They make products for the love of good sound, not just to achieve a pre-determined profit margin.

"Genuine" reviews? There are plenty of them; some are linked or posted on the DECWARE site. A 6Moons review of the original TABOO comes to mind. In addition to that, there are a plethora of detailed posts regarding use and enjoyment of DECWARE equipment.

I have owned several pieces of DECWARE equipment and have been happy and satisfied with each one. The products go through updating and revisions in the quest for continual improvement.

Not going to RMAF? So what. The don't need to. They are quiet company that maintains a low key profile; they do not engage in specious self promotion either.

" . . .that once experienced they don't have the typical audiophile itch to try other amps. I'm specifically struck by the new Torii MKIII push-pull amp, which in description and looks is just beautiful. . . ."

Duh. If somebody likes the DECWARE equipment it is logical not to look elsewhere.
I used to own a Decware phono stage. Never had any problem with it. In fact it was better than a certain solid state phono stage at the time that was garnering rave reviews and cost 3 times as much as the Decware unit.

I'd love to try a set of their speakers some day. Steve knows what he is doing and his business model is quite refreshing. Great sound does not have to cost a lot. Looks and price seldom equate to better sound. A well designed circuit using good parts with outstanding build quality and thorough testing should be good enough enough for anyone.

I had to learn that the hard ($$$$) way.
I own the CSP2 Pre-amp, and it is a workhorse in my system

CSP2-->20ft DH Labs BL-1 RCA--->Wyred4sound SX-500 mono amps
into Magnepan MMG's

I have to put my ears to the MMG's to hear any noise,hiss, or hum

and the headphone output (Sennheiser HD-650) gets a lot of use

and they are nice looking pieces of equipment, well made

great product, at a fair price
I have a Zen Select. I love it. I wish I had more Decware gear. I wish I bought Decware first. I would have saved thousands of dollars.
The four Decware amps I metioned in my first post are not the only Decware products I have purchased. I also have the phono stage, ZT preamp, HDT's and the RL3 speakers.

All of Decware's offerings are bargins in todays audiophile pricing structure. I still own all of them except the "blue torii".

My "not dead quiet" comment needs more description. I am using the Torri mkII to amplify the mid range (560hz-3350hz) into a 118 db efficient compression driver.Any tube amp will hiss a little when used this way. Power from the Decware amps is low. What do you expect from SET amps. Even the push pull Torrii can not be considered hi power.

Having owned many powerful amps, which were not really musical, I have become fond of the saying " if the first watt s*uks why continue?". So if you have an exciting musical amp and it happens to be lo power- go get some more efficient speakers if it won't play loud enough.

I have voted with my pocket book, DECWARE is a winner!
I'm new here, only because the Decware site is pretty quiet these days, so I started looking around and found Audiogon.

I just had to voice my opinion. I own two Decware amps at the moment, Steve's new DAC and the CSP2 pre-amp. Plus two pairs of his speakers. I have no desire to go looking for anything else. They just plain satisfy. I lusted for years over the high priced gear out there, until I realized they just plain looked better than they sounded.

I first meet Steve at a VASC show in the Seattle area in 2001, after seeing all the rest of the gear at that show, I made my first Decware purchase, and haven't looked back. I've been to his Zenfest a few years and it is simple, laid back, and a lot of fun. I have plans to attend this years fest in just a few weeks.

What I like the most is, you can get Steve Deckert on the phone and talk to the man that built your amp, thats something you can't do with the big boys.
I built the Decware single ended amp kit (EL84s, ~ $350). I also built an Elekit SE kit (~$600) that uses 6L6s and a scratch build 2A3 single ended amp (~$800).
The quality pretty much goes exactly as the cost goes, in my system to my ears. I will say that all sounded very good though. Keep in mind that the Decware kit's sound may be compromised compared with a factory built unit (PCB vs. point to point, etc.).
That's pretty much my experience with Decware and with low power SE amps.

The OP made the point that he felt many Decware owners don't have a lot of experience with other equipment so it's hard to get a good read on where the Decware stuff falls. Aside from 1 or 2 posters, in this thread it seems that this may be the case.
my name is Frank and Steve Deckert is imho one the most talented engineers
I have come across....let me explain why....although just reading his excellent
white papers are a must to understand his philosophy.
I am in my 60's have been involved in music since the late 50's.....
my living room is currently modwright transporter, emerald physic's CS2's
the pre amp is a pre production Decware statement piece feeding a quad
of Eastern Electric M156 monoblocks. I have not found a better preamp
regardless of price....but I also love my low output systems...
Steve's new Torii mk2 is fed directly by his new dac into either silverline 17.5's or Omega super hemps....Superb sound..........however my current favorite
involves his mini Torii fed by apogee firewire (battery) into hornshoppe horns
with infinity ceramic sub and a mac pro outputting 24/196...just spectacular..
they are just as quiet as my RWA 30.2's and Isabella which are also superb.
my bottom line is Decware is some of the best you can buy regardless of price......I have many more systems as I have bought many things on audiogon which I find have some of music most knowledgeable fans.

regards ;-)f
sorry I forgot to list other equipment I owned....dynaco,ampzilla,mark levinson,
krell..wright, cary, bryston....all eastern electric products....other decware
there is more especially if I go into's been many years....
Hi, someone tipped me off about this thread, I've read it, and the concern is valid. Most audiophiles that have spent real money on main stream components aren't going to seriously consider a $2500 Decware amplifier when their cables cost more than that... perhaps it would just be too embarrassing, I don't know.

This is not a real problem for me, because I'm interested in fidelity not fraternity.

On the other hand, In their defense, many audiophiles don't realize that we're comparing gear that is being retailed (advertising costs, reps, distributors, retailer mark ups) against gear that is sold factory direct with no overhead at 1/3rd the cost.

Any of our amplifiers could be repackaged as audio jewelry and retailed at five figures and sonically hold their own in that league.

I would invite anyone reading this thread who owns any of the excellent high dollar main stream gear to attend our Audio Fest on October 1st, 2nd & 3rd and then report back to this thread your honest opinions on what you hear, for better or worse. Many attendees will bring their amps with them to compare side by side. When the entire room picks one amp over another it's pretty definitive.

info on the fest:


Steve Deckert / DECWARE High Fidelity Engineering Co.
info on the fest:


Steve Deckert / DECWARE High Fidelity Engineering Co.
Is this an annual meet?
Yes, I think this is our 8th year so far...
In response to the new torii after listening for several months...
A few comments
First amp that stock tubes don't need to be upgraded with NOS tubes
Incredible bass response unusual in tube amps...tight and full...
Dead quiet which is a feature of decware designs.....
The hazen (sp) grid mod is worth the price alone..and why it is better than every el34 amp.
Beautiful construction...
The sound is complete and not
I compare it to my RWA signature 30.2
Well I suppose I'm just too curious. Sooner or later I'll pick up a Torii and report back.
This was taken from the Decware site....I hope it isn't illegal, if it is, sorry.

To me this just shows Steve Deckert, and what he is all about by his comment., As far as reviews go, I would prefer to listen to someone that owns the product and lives with it than that of a professional reviewer that who opinion my be jaded by advertising dollars. (Not saying that happens, but you know we all wonder, right)
If you are a tube roller as I find it fun....the mini torii could be the most
Musical and enjoyable amp you can buy....on the decware site
Steve has a picture of all the output tubes you can use....I have tried
Almost all of's a blast ....married to the right spkrs it's
A final must have is the additional output connection
You have for use of a sub, which gives the signature of the amp
Helping to make integration seamless.....I have used this amp over a
Year and is still one of my all time favorites .....
The thing that keeps me intrigued is the speaker design. The long turned archaic Infinity WTLC speakers of the seventies were the first speakers I ever had a crush on, and Decware design in some cases reminds me of them, and a time when audio was fun and not so serious.
I'm already pot-committed to RMAF Steve, and I don't think my wife will let me go to both parties; but perhaps next year.
I sure don't want to come on as another cheerleader, 'cuz it usually makes me sick. I'll give you my honest opinion of the Decware amps that I have owned. First, I must say that I have owned many upscale audiophile amps., and will tell you they were mostly great, and very expensive. I then looked around for something more affordable and found a lot of crap! Fortunately, I came across Decware, and found equipment that was quite impressive beyond it's price. No bells and whistles either, but a lot of the equipment is VERY versatile. I especially like that because you can tune this stuff for all kinds of situations. Maybe you need more headroom, maybe you need more watts, Decware can handle it. Impedance dips a problem with your speakers, not with the Decware equipment. I could go on, and I won't 'cuz, once again I don't want to sound like another groupie. After 40+ years of audio interest, I can recommend no other product more than this.
Making the leap past the audio store and going direct nets the more experienced audiophile much better value for money I bought a Decware Amp back in 1998 and to this day own a pair of the Decware HDT speakers, which I'v put up against the likes of Wilson Bemesh ad Vandersteens and havn't budged an inch.

Decware is in good company of many similar type companies... For example, I own an Vaughn Audio Amplifier and Audiosector Dac.... All sold direct and all bought unheard.

It's the way to go....

OK, I know this thread is posted in the Amp / Preamp section but since this is probably the longest thread about Decware outside its own forums and the OP's title is whether there is any substance about Decware, I’d like to know if anyone has any experience with his speakers -- specifically his corner horns or the ERRs.

Yeah, I know, different speaker designs, but I have different applications hence the question.
I just got word today that my Select Zen Triode is in the final stages and should be in my system between now and the new year.
Perhaps not the best time of year to send things, but that's how it goes.I'll keep my fingers crossed.

I am not a stranger when it comes to amplifiers and I am also a musician , so I'm one of those rare audiophile/musician hybrids, the ones with a music system that's somewhat more involving than an Ipod or pawn shop throw together.
At the moment my speakers are Ref 3A Grand Veena,amps are Red dRaggon Leviathan sigs mono blocks(which I have no negatives to speak of)Audio Valve Eclipse preamp, Rega P9 TT,Grado cart,Audio Aero Capitole cd player.
I have two 30 amp dedicated lines, the one for the amps has a Shunyata Hydra two direct wired to the panel via a Wattgate 20amp receptacle at the 10 guage romex end and a Shunyata Annaconda Helix to each mono block.
The other 30 amp dedicated line has an Annaconda 20 amp Helix to a Shunyata Hydra 8, then a Python cx into the pre amp and 2 hybrid DIY power cords into the CD and tt.
Other amps I have owned include the following- 1961 Bell tubed integrated ,Dynaco st 70,Moscode, CJ MV75A-1,Blue Circle BC2 monoblocks,Meitner mono blocks,Classe DR8 mono blocks, VTL st 85, Michaelson and AustinTVA and Grant Lumley el34 pp tube amps,Atma Sphere S30,Cary sei 300B, and I've auditioned Mac 275 v, Art Audio Cariisa and Pass Aleph 3 on my current speakers.
So I've pretty well got a good take on amplifier differences.
I look forward to the little Zen, and I hope 2 watts will be enough power,but it should be in my application and listening environment.
I will post later when I and the amp get better acquainted.
I do have some great expectations, specifically that this is the end of the line for me.
If what I have read about it proves true, then it just may be.
Anyone heard their omni speakers? The design concept looks a bit like my Ohms - nearly full range omni driver crossed to a relatively conventional tweeter at a very high frequency. However, these appear to be more sensitive and capable of higher output.

All thoughts/comments appreciated.

Marty, I just ordered a pair this week. If nobody else weighs in (info on them is pretty scarce here), I'll report back once I get a few miles on them.

I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

I own the Decware CSP2 and the Decware Taboo, I use this to drive my hornshoppe horns, I have owned a lot of gear over the years, but I have to say the Decware gear has been some of the best sounding amps I 've ever owned, dead quite, no noise what so ever, just beautiful sound from the speakers. All of this can be had at a very good price from Steve, great service and you can get him at almost every phone call, great guy , great products.
I've got a Decware SE84, has maybe 2 watts per, something like that, and lots of synergy with my Tekton Lore speakers that offer 98dB sensitivity. Wanted to get either the A205A or A318B Almarro amps, as I've owned several of each over the years and have loved them, but wanting and finding aren't the same. Decided to give Decware a try AND very happy that I did. Sturdy construction, minimalist in appearance, and plenty of power with my speakers. I've thought about getting a second to have mono-block amplification, but simply not necessary in my case. Plenty of volume when I want to push it a bit. Anyway, for the price and performance ... difficult to beat. Give Decware some serious consideration.
I just received my Decware amp, it was shipped Dec 23 and I got it this afternoon,and everything was in perfect condition.
The packaging was well done, double boxed, triple if you count the box the tubes came in.

So after a couple of hours to get the chill out of it I decided to tube and wire it into my system.

I have a dedicated 30 amp line into a Shunyata receptacle then into a Shunyata 20 amp Annaconda to the Hydra 2, and then a Python CX into the amp.

The speaker wires are Clear day single strand pos and neg to jumpered Ref 3A Grand Veena speakers.
I then used a Shunyata Annaconda to power my Audio Aero CD player and sent the signal via 20 foot RCA Audio Art interconnects to the Decware amp. The CD player is on another 30 amp line and into a HYdra 8.

One little wrinkle was that the inputs on the rca inputs are not marked and of course I got nothing out of the left channel until I plugged the interconnect over to the left side of the amp.There are two sets of inputs on the amp,but you need to plug into both the left side of the amp and the right side, you can't plug both into just the right side which is the norm with most amps,or at least in my logic.

In any event even after just ten minutes(I'll need 200 hours they say for it to come up to speed)this is a very surprising little sleeper.

I was expecting it to not have much reserve volume wise, but in my case there's room to spare on the dial!

Turning the nice shiny gold volume control on the top of the unit to 11 O'clock gets me to the same levels that I normally listen at with my regular mono blocks!
2 watts vs 1000 watts-I am amazed at what power you really need to listen at reasonable volume, granted my listening room is 22 x12 x8.

What I am very pleased with is the fact that the Ref 3A Grand Veena speakers can be added to the list of speakers that the Decware 2 watt single ended EL84 amp can drive.
And drive very nicely I must add.

So next it's back down for some more listening.

I'll post again in awhile with further ramblings.

So, I would have to say that there is some real substance with this product and if anyone with Grand Veenas wants to try a nice SET on the cheap and not feel short changed, give this little jewel a try.

They have a 30 day free trial, so no risk,,no risk of sending it back is more like it.

It's a great start to the New Year.
find the mini torii very enjoyable. also oun zdac with the gain stage which i find to be a fabulous combo. Gain stage acts almost like a preamp which can add body to a recording especially at lower to med volumes
I just ordered a pair this week. If nobody else weighs in (info on them is pretty scarce here), I'll report back once I get a few miles on them.

Was it the ERRs you ordered? Curious if you have anything to report??
An audiophile friend of mine had a listen to my system with the new ZenSelectadded to the mix.

He felt it was the best amp he's heard in my quest for another amp for the Grand Veenas.

And I have another 180 hours for it to come up to speed!.
Finsup, yes, it's the ERR's which I ordered. I just got confirmation that they'll ship to me this Friday - I'll be sure to post back once they're up and running.
Off topic, did anybody listen to the Zen speaker with the new driver? Specs on it look very promising.
I received the ERR's today, after some delay over the holiday/new year. This won't be a full review since they're freshly set-up, but I wanted to get back with some information about this loudspeakers since it's a little bit scarce here.

I ordered the plain cherry finish, and the fit & finish of the speakers is very very good. They were packaged well enough to survive a shuttle launch, and arrived in perfect shape. No documentation, but I called Steve at Decware and he was very kind with his time, answering my few questions clearly.

By way of confession, these speakers are about making the best of a marginal living room situation. The room is very bright, approximately 25Lx13Wx8H, and the space flows on both ends to much larger volumes. Speakers need to be close to the walls, and in practice people move throughout the space rather than sitting in a sweet spot. While it's not the room I do my critical listening in, I do want it to sound good...without looking like some kind of Temple of Audio.

The ERR's are fairly underserved with a Peachtree Decco containing a Cullen-modded Sonos playing lossless files. Cables are Rega SC42. So they're slumming a bit. They're replace some Rega RS5's, which were wonderful, if traditionally 'focused' in their design, and a single Gallo TR3 sub.

My initial set-up has the speakers nearly 18ft apart, toed-in, very near the wall, facing the room as well as the openings to the other volumes. Right now, the ERR's are simply sitting on hardwood floors on their integrated plinths - they're not spiked. Steve said this was entirely optional - they're threaded to accept spikes, the use of which he said may affect the bass (but nothing else).

Between their newness, my neophyte experience, and the fact that this iw significant across the board jump in performance from my previous (beloved) speakers, I think all I can really offer right now is that they are exceeding my expectations, which were good bass response, open not shrill highs, not fussy about placement, clean look that works with our modern furniture (hey, I don't live alone), and most importantly, throwing a large and (er) diffuse stage. That is, the stage is something between remarkably coherent and still quite good over an enormous portion of the rooms. While this isn't a particularly 'audiophile' observation, with the RS5's I had about 20SF of sweet spot, 150SF of OK sound, and 140SF of lousy sound in that room. Now I've got what sounds like 80SF of sweet spot, no bad spots anywhere, really, and damn good sound everywhere else...including the adjacent dining/kitchen room. It's just what I was looking for.

I'll continue to play with them, give them better amplification and sources, and post more newbie comments here, but for now it's clear that I got what I was looking for. Very pleased with the company, service, product finish, and design of the ERRs.

My apologies that this 'review' isn't better informed, nor more traditional in terms of what I'm looking for from my speakers.

they're very sensitive, but not unworkably so with the Decco. Ten o'oclock gets it to mid 90db's. Loud, and ready for more.
Just a quick note as I only did a quick read-thorough on your post. First, congrats on your new speakers! And thanks for the follow-up.

Sounding good working close to the walls is really good to know.
I replaced the stock rectifier in my ZenSelect with an old Sylvania 5UR4GB and the results are amazing.

I've fooled around replacing tubes in pre amps and power amps with some positive results but none as profound as this tube swap.

It's made the amp sound like it grew some more watts.

Of course it hasn't, but those two watts now sound a whole lot more powerful and robust than with the stock rectifier.

A real improvement across the board in the sound of an already really good sounding amp.

So good infact, that I have decided to make it my main source of amplification and abandon my pre and power amp.

If only I had discovered this amp a couple of years ago, I could have saved some serious coin.

Are you using the stock caps and resistors in the ERRs?


Thanks for the feedback.

I own the TORII MK III w/ VCAPS. I got the unit about 1.5 wks. ago after about a 2month wait. The amp is still breaking in, the VCAPS rather as I only have about 350 hours on the amp. The VCAPS take 1000 hours so a real review of this amp isn't possible. What I can say is the amp won't push my SF Auditors with any kind of volume, they are 88 db. I can say that the amp easily pushes a pair of Vince Christian E-6 90db to high levels with clipping. That combo with a sub is immensely revealing, too much so at its current break in point. It sound amazing but a tad forward, which is a combo of a very highly resolving amp and highly resolving speakers. Not to mention I have highly resolving cables.SR. The amp though at low volumes is truly amazing in its resolving power, I hear details I didn't know existed in my Analog playback hardware. Somewhat ruthless combo, if the material isn't top of the line then you hear what is on the material nothing more nothing less. The real deal, 100% percent. A value that goes beyond words, 100%. A complex piece of simplicity 100%. The last amp most would ever need 100%. Listening to the designer, worth the price of admission right there. I have compared it to a 4500$ Meridian Amp that is outstanding and a Jeff Rowland Amp. The Meridian Amps will stand up to just about anything IMO. They are sleepers, most folk think of Meridian for digital but they started out making amps. I have three M amps. The Rowland amps I have had are also great but in comparison to the Decware TORII MK III I'd have to say the Rowland and the Meridian at 2 and 3 times the price of the DECWARE, not in same league, even remotely. Hand built point to point bullet proof design, adding the VCAPS and Treasure Output Tubes set the stage/foundation for ANYTHING you can throw at it. NO AUDIO SALESPERSON has a right to cut this amp down because they know of something better, because in reality they don't and if they do it would cost 30K. The audio industry sells unbelievably overpriced crap in reality most which lose its value so fast you wouldn't have time to look at your watch. Its no wonder the like of many of these big companies keep changing hands, everything is unpredictable. I just don't know what to say about retail audio except for that it is a rip off big time not to mention a bad investment. I cannot think of ONE piece of audio or video equipment that even comes close to the value of the Decware Torii MK III or any of Decware's amps for that matter. Built to last a lifetime, amazing sounding, unbelievably flexible, economic, burn so much electricity I would consider them for LEED points opposed to almost all Transistor based amps. Its amazing more engineers don't get the BIG as well as Steve Deckert has, I am blown away at what kind of system a person can put together from Decware for the cost of a medium high end pair on speaker cables. Really makes me wonder just how much bullshit there is flying around from Audio Dealers and their respective lines. A true money making machine that we assist you into foreclosure in a heartbeat if you follow any one of these such dealers advice and buy say a Meridian Surround Sound Processor, or a Theta Surround Sound processor, or a Krell and the likes. Who needs a 35K pair of Wilson speaker's, to waste money. Its really sad, but the upside is you still can buy a Decware Amp and be ahead of the game in every regard and still have plenty of money to buy material to listen to This all from a guy who has learned the hard way.
Several years ago, I bought a Decware 34I to replace my Audible illusions 3A and Belles Hot Rod amp. The 34I was so much more involving and i found myself stuck in front of my system for hours. I did not think that any gear could captivate an adult like this but this amp did it for me! It drove my Vandersteen 1Cs at low levels with such detail and also at such high levels but not clipping these speakers! Before the separates, I had the Cary SLI-80 which was sweet and tubey (and slow) compared to the Decware. The Decware 34I was more dimensional and fast,and the notes would just hang on some recordings. Then, a year or so later, i tried the 84C+ (with 1/2 the power) and the music sounded even clearer (but less powerful) with the Vandies so i reluctantly sent it back to the manufacturer. I owned lots of gear (Cary, Rogue, Belles, Audible Illusions)before, but the Decware amps are the best sounding amps that i ever had. Highly recommended.

From what you've written it sounds like the Torii is hyper resolving--is it ever distractingly so? I favor musicality, tone and dynamics over uber-detail. Do you think the amp errs to the analytical side at all?

For example, I have owned and ultimately sold Atma-sphere which seemed to do most things very right and impressively, but ultimately was uninvolving for my preferences.

The Torii is a serious contender for me--especially wanting a successor that sounds as good or better than my 845 SET without being as big a safety hazard to my infant son/putting out as much heat.
What I meant by very detailed at low levels, was that you hear all the notes of the music clearly at a very low level without needing to have it playing fairly loud to distingush all the instruments in the music. I would not call the amps i heard hyper resolving or analytical but more like a pleasantly dimensional sound of music.
JWT are you useing a preamp or source direct into the Torii?

I,am also curious about the trebel and bass switches and how easy is it to set them for your speakers?

How much heat do all the tubes in this design put out minimal medium or alot?