Decware and Zu. A pairing made in heaven

I received my Decware SE34I.5 integrated SET amp to day... simply blew me away.  I have Zu Omen Def Mk ii's with the Radian upgrades.  It drives them effortlessly. The bass is sublime, the soundstage is huge, everything has a fleshy 3 dimensional quality to it, and the voices, I mean they might as well be in the room. But the thing that I wasn't prepared for was the dynamics.   I put Dave Brubeck's Take Five on and the drum solo was so real sounding, so "there" - it's the bass I've been searching for.  I have to say job well done Mr. Deckert, job well done!
Cool, I have 15 ft pair I use at times , Mission cable seems to play well with others .
Congrats last_lemming Decware stuff looks well designed and built though I've not had a chance to hear it myself. And I loved the Zu room at last years Cap Audio Fest. Nothing like system synergy and a good amp/speaker combo! Happy listening!
I run a pair of Ref 3A de Capos off the Decware Mini.  The de Capos are great for tubes pretty  flat impedence and a good 92db.  But sometimes I want to rock out.  Been considering the Zu Soul- 8 ohms but also looked at some other Zu's.

Nice to hear its a good match

I've never heard de Capos, so I can't really compare unfortunately. My other system consists of Thiel CS 2.4's, BAT preamp and Halo a21 amp with Purist Audio Design speaker cable. Pretty much a polar opposite approach to the Zu set up!
Ah, yes, well it's like this:

the Thiels are like a hi resolution photograph. Every detail is there, every shade is rendered. It's acurate and tells the truth without holding back. If what you want is an accurate portrayal then the Thiels are for you. 

The Zu's with Decware combo is that same photo, but as if it was painted by Van Gogh. Somehow it's richer, and moves you more. 

I use use to prefer the first, but as I get older I now prefer the latter. 
How loud can you get the zu's with the 6 watt amp.? I have the same Zus and shopping for a tube amp. I am looking at Primaluna
I'm in a small room, and it can get LOUD.  Uncomfortably so. I dought, even in a large room it would have any real problems. 

Go low watt 4-10.  I use a 97.5 db Klipsch Quartets on one system with a Grommes PHI-26  a single-ended, Class A EL84 integrated amp (1.8wpc triode/6wpc pentode) and it gets loud.  :)
I recently (very recently…like a week or two) switched up my system to more efficient speakers and a little Dennis Had designed "Fire Bottle" single ended 12 watt per side amp. A surprisingly dynamic little amp with more than enough juice and maybe the best sound I've come up with over decades of various hifi items. The damn amp just seems so small for what it puts out…amazing. 
I'll join the chorus here as well. Higher efficiency easy load impedance speakers paired with lower power  (but good quality) amplifiers I prefer to brute power amplifiers driving demanding current/power hungry speakers. 
I agree , my Totem Sig. 1’s have great tone even at low levels but never really open up even with 225 watt amp. I enjoy listening more on my 500 hundred bucks Rega-RS- 1’s because they are easy to drive with my 8 watt tube amp and do just as well with my 225 watt one .
IMO listening to inefficent speakers is like listening to a singer straining at their upper range . Unpleasant .