Deck selection 2 ~ 3k

Hi everyone,

Rather than continue with my previous thread about digitizing records, which helped in my decision to go for the vinyl experience, thought it best to start a more appropriately titled thread.

So, yes, I am all in now and seeking guidance on a new (as in first) deck.
I am still in the advanced beginner stage with this hobby but have no experience with vinyl.

Ok, so I get why musical tastes are an important factor to keep in mind when selecting speakers and amps.
Is this true for turntables?

Would upstream gear (tube vs SS) need to be considered as well?
I feel like I just wandered into a whole new world of technical terminology, design concepts, etc.!

After reading reviews on several brands, my initial candidates are:
  • Clearaudio Concept - I like that everything is calibrated at the factory.
  • Rega RP 8 - used - 3 vs. 4 footings just makes more sense
  • VPI Prime Scout - used

Anyone own or have listened to these?
What other brands to consider?

Unfortunately it is not possible to go listen to anything right now.

Brand new Technics SL1200 G (Direct Drive made in Japan)

and definitely not anything from the list above, don't buy a belt drive turntable if you don't know what it is

you need to consider what cartridge as well

a belt drive tt is fine... like anything new, you need to educate yourself on what it is, how to use it properly
The EAT C-Major is an excellent TT. It also comes w/an Ortofon Quintet Blue MC cart as part of the price. Great value. Also has a dust cover.
Also look at the less expensive Technics SL1200 GR (1210 in black)
You'll need a phono amplifier. The Schiit Mani will see you off to a good start. The GR and Mani and a MM cartridge like the AT VM760ML will get you a great rig around $2500.
Don't fret about installing your own cartridge. It's not rocket science unless you've got the shakes. Plenty of help videos.
Here’s some upgrade/tweak info on the 1200GR whereby you can improve it without having to replace it should you wish.

NOTE below should be VM760SLC (LC line contact not ML microline).
For something a little different look at Tri-Art Audio Bamboo Turntables. The B-series you can get a TT w/two arms a 9" arm and a 12" arm for around 3K. The company is located in Canada.
@luxmancl38 Wow! Those Tri-Arts are stunning!
Can't stop looking at the pictures to just read the reviews!

@noromance Yeah, I just started looking into the 1200 GR after checking out some reviews on the 1200 G. The GR is on my list now. Thanks!

Ok, back to the search.
How important is an "easier" to replace tone arm?  I understand from my turntable research that many people swap/upgrade cartridges and at times tone arms.

Should I be looking for possible "upgrade as I listen and learn" areas in addition to tone arm replacement?

All this really cool and interesting research is like being at a casino.  Hours (days?) just fly by.  Catch myself saying and repeating: Ok, just one more article to check out.  Last one. Really, I mean it this time.

Technics 1200 GR with fixed tonearm is a nice place to get your feet wet. Swap out carts with ease. Beautiful table at a fair price. You just need it rotate at a constant speed without variance. This table does it. Love my GR!
Ok. Leaning towards the 1200 GR.  But the pro-ject Xtension 10 looks to be a strong contender.