Decisions, decisions (upgrades to digital front end)

At a bit of a crossroads and looking to upgrade my digital front end. The impetus is that I've come to realize I'm doing about 90% of my listening through Tidal these days.  I have aspirations to step up the analog side but for the moment I think it makes all the sense in the world to put resources in the spots where I'm going to enjoy them the most. 

Current streaming setup is an Auralic Aries into an PS Audio NuWave Dac with a PS Audio PWT on CD duties for when the need arises. Happy with the PWT.  The decision I'm trying to make is whether to upgrade and continue with separates or go with an integrated DAC/streamer, which is starting to look like a more viable option with many more models on the market these days.

If I go with separates, I'm leaning toward the Benchmark DAC3. And then the question becomes what to move up to from the Aries. If I go with an integrated, I am interested in the new Vega G2. I'm already a fan of Auralic and the features and initial reviews appear very promising. I am nowhere near an Auralic dealer and don't know anyone who owns one so I'm sort of flying blind on that front.

Looking for some input on:
1. Whether to stick with separates or go with an integrated streamer/DAC
2. In either case, whether there are other 

I realize the DAC market is pretty crowded in the $2K to $3K range so happy to receive any recommendations on that front. If anyone has suggestions for other integrated DAC/streamers would be happy to hear those as well. I'd like to keep the total budget on this endeavor under $6K. Looking for something that can handle all the current formats, not just redbook.

Beyond the digital components listed above, the core parts of the system are:
Triton Reference floorstanders
Harbeth 30.1 monitors
Primaluna Dialogue HP Premium Integrated (EL34s)
Tellurium Q and Audioquest ICs
Shunyata Hydra and power cords

Truly appreciate any thoughts or suggestions. 
I am personally of the opinion that streamers and Dacs are ideally kept separate. Especially streaming wirelessly I would think that would be a lot of additional digital noise in close proximity to the audio signal. You have a very nice setup already, I use and love the Aries Mini, I would speculate that an all in one in the $2-3K range might not sound as good.

I would say keep your streamer and upgrade your Dac there are so many good Dacs out there you should take some time and do research. R2R is really coming back with a vengeance and MQA matters to some folks. What about your current sound would you like to improve?
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I am currently trying to make this decision myself about whether I should go the route of a Uniti Atom or similar DAC+Streamer in one. However I've learned from past experience that when it comes to hardware/software solutions manufacturers have a bad habit of making their products obsolete after 2 or 3 years effectively barring you from upgrading your streamer. The same happens to that Apple iPhone you had that was perfect when you got it but after 2 years its slow and almost unusable.

Lets face it, the streaming world is on fire and there is already an explosion of features and new methods to exploit this technology. I expect that trend to accelerate with MQA. Right now I'm focused on finding a great quality DAC that is Roon Ready and then using a separate streamer that I can at least resell when upgrades for it either cease or something entirely new comes along. Roon servers are currently the ones I'm most interested in as they give the most control over commodity hardware from Intel that will simply get faster and cheaper over time. Ultimately a Roon streamer *should* get cheaper and cheaper vs an all in one where you are stuck with whatever the last update includes.
I'll say that I am a software developer so technically its a simple exercise to setup a roon streamer and this may not be feasible for others.