Decisions, decisions, decisions....

I'm wanting (not needing) a periphery ring for my Classic and have to ask - is there any good reason to pay $700 for VPI's ring when TT Weights sells a stainless ring for $391 (Silver Bullet DP16-2.0)?
I would only ask about mass. Is the VPI exactly the same or nearly the same in terms of mass, compared to the TTW? If so, then we get to the voodoo realm of materials. Is the VPI ring made of some exotic material other than stainless steel?

If there is a big difference in mass, such that the TTW is much heavier, I would opt for the VPI ring, or an aftermarket ring that is more similar in mass to the VPI. If the two are the same weight, then it is up to your degree of audiophilia nervosa regarding materials.
Go with the TT. Don't buy in to Harry's overpriced accessories. I have the TT and it works well. I had a delaer loan me the VPI to see if I heard any difference. I didn't.
My preference is for a stainless (vs copper) ring; and I think the heaviest stainless TTWeights ring weighs 2.1 lbs, while one reviewer said the VPI ring weighs 7 lbs. I'll have to take that into consideration.
But, I agree with Buconero117 that it's unlikely one can hear a difference between rings. Although...some audiophiles claim they can hear a difference when their TTs are moved from a 2" to a 3" maple board. I would never dispute that, especially if they're bigger than I am.

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