Decision Time: Zu Wax or Z Passion spkr. cables

About 2 weeks ago I started a thread re: speaker cables.
I have narrowed my choices to the above 2.
I realize that both co.'s offer try before you buy, but your input would certainly help with my first choice.
If anyone out there has had good or bad experience with these cables, I would love to hear from you.
Presently using Nordost Blue Heaven Rev. 11 bi-wire 14ft.
Many Thanks!
greh check out the Zu forum and you will find more than enough info, and happy owners of the WAX from Zu. Not to mention the rest of the products from Zu, if you are interested in anything else, they have top notch products coupled with amazing customer support.
I'm in agreement with Ton1313. You can't go wrong with the Zu Wax. I am not familiar with Z cable stuff so I'm not able to comment. I have had several other top quality speaker cables and the Wax is significantly better. There is an auction for an 8 ft. bi-wired pair going on now on this site, and they also have one for auction on Ebay.If you don't like it after a while, send them back for a refund. Check out the customer reviews on Zu's website, Just in the last month, the Wax have gained so much popularity that winning bids have almost doubled. It won't be long before Zu stops the auctions and starts selling at retail. Good luck and happy listening.If you do go with any of the Zu products, especially the new B3 technology lines, give them adequate burn in time. My Wax took almost 2 weeks of continous burn-in before they began to really open up. The first week they go through a weird metamorphosis that is very frustrating, especially into the fourth day when they go through a tipped-up edgy sound, but that goes away. What I'm saying is to be very patient with these babies before you pass any judgement.If you don't like them after a serious audition after break-in period, then I would recommend you look for a cable that has certain euphonic colorations that meet your needs.
Sherod and Tonl, thanks for your feedback.
I'll be talking with Zu this week.
Thanks guys I just ordered a 6 ft. pair of wax and am going to see what they can do! they are suppose to be quite good for the money. ~Tim
Tim, be patient with the burn in time. About the fourth day they tend to have a tipped -up voice that is borderline edgy, so don't give up too early. After about the 10th day, the Wax really come into their own, even though after about a week they start to sound pretty nice. Don't expect euphonic colorations. These babies are pure neutral. They may or may not be synergistic with your system, but if the rest of your system is sounding pure and natural, the Wax will accomodate things quite well. Let us know what you think after a while.
Thanks for the tips Sherod, I have all sorts of new toys to break in now! got new interconnects, new CD player and now new speaker cables and they are all going to show up close to the same time!! may be interesting. I am really curious about these cables I am currently using Cardas Golden Reference speaker cables, have used Cardas Golden Cross and a custom made internal bi-wire Tekline cable(my favorite). I didn't want to buy much this year so I am off to a horrible start. I was planning on using these as temporary cables but it sounds like I may not want to change them, time will tell-I will keep everyone posted. ~Tim
I am thinking of the Wax vs the Julian, the Julian are so much more affordable. Please let me know if the Wax is worth the $$$ upgrade?
I sold my wax and haven't looked back- they were ok but I think you can find better for the money- for just a little bit more the audience au24 seems to be a great buy, but then again they are more used then the WAX is new. It may be worth it though, it would keep you off the upgrade path for a little while possibly for ever depending how crazy you want to go. I don't use the audience either but if I was looking for a good value cable, that's would I would audition.
Tireguy, so, what are you using now? and what is your set up? I have a Classe CAP-80 intergrated, and running Meadowlark Shearwaters.