Decision on speakers to go inside a cabinet

Here is my situation:

- I am looking for speakers to go inside a in-wall cabinet
- The cabinet any speaker up to 18"x 24" (WxD); height should not be constraint
- Room is 14ft x 16ft
- Currently I have a Peachtree Nova 300 running ELAC B5s and it sounds really good after I correct the bass excess (20Hz frequency) with my Schiit Loki tone control
- I have tried a Tannoy Revolution XT6F that I borrowed from a friend but it sounds extremely muddy and boomy (I have to turn the 20Hz knob all the way down [-12dB] to get it to a decent point

I would like to upgrade my speakers and have a budget of $2k for that. Given my experience with the Tannoy, I should probably stay in the world of standmounts?

What suggestions would you have for my case? Looking for speakers that are not as sensitive to placement... Also, although I am not a purist and am glad in using tone controls, I would like to minimize the need for it!

Thank you!

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All speakers are sensitive to placement, but few are "true bookshelf" speakers.

The issue you will have is that stand mounts are meant to be placed out in free space. Put them up against the wall and they'll get boomy.

If you wanted to DIY, you could make the LM-1 speakers which are designed as true bookshelves.


Alternatively, buy a ported speaker and plug the port! :)
Conventional speakers (bookshelf & floor-standers) are voiced to be placed in a room, not against a wall or in a cabinet.  They will always sound better away from walls, ceilings, or any type of enclosures. 

However, in the environment you're putting them in, you might want to consider Center Channel Speakers.  they will work much better than taking a regular bookshelf speaker and placing it on its side if hit has to fit the space, or give a better look, or go a certain way. 

For your space, I would say look at the Paradigm Prestige 45C Center Channel - which incorporates a three way crossover utilizing a Tweeter, Midrange, and Woofer combination.     

For a less expensive option, there is the Paradigm Premier 500C Center Channel Speaker that is also a three-way design.  
Oh, another alternative is to buy professional, powered speakers. I say this because they often include bass adjustment exactly to deal with this issue. Like this one:

Check out the rear panel and see the "boundary trim"
A LS3/5A type speaker with a sealed woofer would be my choice. Harbeth, Spendor, Stirling, etc., make these type of speakers!