Deciding on a phono preamp

I have a Thorens TD160b MKII turntable with an Infinity Black Widow tonearm and a Grado Green cartridge. I think that I have had the turntable and tonearm since the early 80"s and the cardtidge since the late 90"s. I can't remember ever using this turntable let alone with any kind of a decent system so I have no idea what it actually sounds like or is capable of.

I now have a fairly decent solid state system that I am considering connecting it into however it lacks a phono input... don't they all now.

Preamp - Anthem AVM-2
Amp ATI 2000 series (200wpc)
Speakers Energy 2.3i
Sub 15" 500 watt sub (kind of home made).
Blue truth interconnects
Flexegy-6 River wire to the speakers

I am trying to get a feel for how much I should invest in the phono preamp.

I was contemplating just getting a preamp in the $100-$200 range but if the TT and arm are worth it I was thinking of moving up to something like the Pro-ject tube preamp and then getting another cartridge.

Any thoughs??
i have a z-phono parasound pre-amp i have had for about 3 months it is in perfect condidion. i have just bought a new much more expensive pre-amp and would be willing to sell you this one. it is a very good enty level preamp. you can go to parasounds web site and read about it. let me know if you are interested
I'm using a Parasound zphono with my tube integrated Primaluna. Liked it better than the internal phono stage that was in the PL when i bought it. I have a Pro-ject Xperience 1 and have used a shure VMx15, Ortofon Super OM20 and a Grado Gold and they all sound great.

Someone recently on this board mention that going from the zphono up to the next step would require a phono stage costing about $600 to make a significant step up. I dont know. but this comes up alot.
you could look for in that price range an "Adcom" model 565 preamp.This is an excellent pre built with high quality parts and it's phono section is very quiet and quite the performer even compared to many very expensive units of the day.
I believe the model is the Adcom GFP-565 preamp this is a serious and well built preamp with a very good phono section.
Thanks for your responses.

Schipo - thanks for your response but I don't think that I want to get into another complete solid state preamp, the Anthem is sufficient at this time, if I did want to go this route I would likely go with a tube one.

Wwshull & Grinnell - I did look over the zphono and I am not completely sold on that one yet.

I am really leaning on going for the Pro-Ject Tube Box SE2 which is in $600 range new. What is good about this one is that for a tube preamp it can support both MM and MC cartridges. Although it doesn't look like the black widow is compatible with a MC cardtidge it would leave me room to move into one by getting another tonearm down the road
I would stronlgy suggest the Dynavector P75, either the older mark 1 or the newer one. I had the older version and it is a bargain as far as sound and adjustability. I think they sell for about $400.00 for the older one. They are very well built and don't take up much space. You will have to spend 3 or 4 times the price to better it by any margin.

Although it doesn't look like the black widow is compatible with a MC cardtidge it would leave me room to move into one by getting another tonearm down the road.
If you like the overall compliance/effective mass match of the Grado Green and the Black Widow, maybe you should try a Prestige Gold. Or if you want to thoroughly modernize while getting a good compliance match, how about the new Ortofon 2M Bronze or Black?
Ibog- I had looked at the DV too and that is a really good contender, but there is just something about the tube thing that I can't seem to get over right now. Curoisity will most likey kill this cat.

I actually picked up the Grado Green just to have something to use the TT to see if it works since I had never used it since it got it. If I go ahead with this project I will definately get a better cartridge. I was looking at the Grado gold and the Orthofon OM30 or 40 instead of the 2M. They have a higher compliance than the Grados (25 vs 20 on the Grado's) I'll take a look at the 2M, thanks for the suggestion.
All who provided input - follow up.

Its been a while since I was able to do anything with my TT, lots of personal events have eaten up my time. In the last month or so I was able to get the TT up and running (although with a few bumps along the way) and wanted to share some things and thanks for your responses.

I was able to get a really good deal on a Musical Surroundings Phenomena II. It had really good reviews, I liked its construction and design and was really flexible as to loading and gain. Connected it up and I was in biz. I had some old albums that were not in good shape at all but gave them a try and.... the hook was set!! I knew from that minute I was toast, I loved and missed that sound and wanted more.

I picked up some new LPs through Acoustic Sounds but noticed that I had some skipping issues here and there. Upon inspection I saw that someone had replaced the ground wire on the arm with a solid wire which I think was restricting the arms movement. After some research I was able to rewire the arm with an Incognito rewire kit ( a nice little project). I have a bunch of hours on it now and it seems to be breaking in nicely and has made a significant difference in the sound.

After fine tuning the arm alignment and tracking my system is really sounding great, even with the Grado Green.

Next up is the cartridge, after some calls the consensus was Orthofon 2m or Grado Sonata. I decided to go with the Grado Sonata Statement, that is in the works as I write this and will post an update once it is installed and broken in.

I can't imagine what the difference will be between the Green and Sonata. I am pretty sure that the rest of my system is up to the challenge so it should be interesting.

Thanks again everyone.