Deciding between kef r11, b&w 702s2 and sonus faber sonetto v


  After listening to a few speakers, these are the speakers that have sounded the best to me. Unfortunately they were heard at different dealers wth different rooms setups soI cannot definitely say which I liked the best. 

Kef r11 - heard 3 months ago. Rich sound and very well rounded speaker overall.  nice and tight bass. Dealer setup was poor with stuff all around and playing through a parasound amplifier that sounded a bit bright (which I found later when he switched another speakers from a rotel to parasound, and the speaker became way too bright)

b&w 702s2 -  room setup was great. Used mcintosh amps. Possibly the best conditions for demoing. Under those conditions, the speakers shone. Very nice bass, great imaging and spacing. Mids and trebles also very good, though in hindsight the treble may have been a tad bright. But I dont remember thinking that at the time, so I may be playing mind games on myself. 

Sonus faber sonetto v - very musical and easy to enjoy speakers. Really enjoyed listening to them. Beat a b&w 703s2 pants down in a double blind test (dealer had forgotten which speakers was connected to a/b). Room setup was not great, many bare walls and lots of equipment lying around. So though i dont remember being as moved as by the b&w 702s2, given the fact that it beat their little brother easily, I think the speakers could have done amazingly in good conditions. 

I know ultimately speakers are about personal preferences, but curious to hear other peoples opnion about these speakers. I also heard Focal aria (forgot model) but they were disappointing. Not really considering any other brands because I am not able to demo them (though there is a PMC in brooklyn that I am tempted to drive down to). 

So what so you think?

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Thanks for your opinion. Are you open on sundays?
I think the B&W S2 series is going to be more accurate and revealing than the Sonus Faber, but I agree that those S2 carbon tweeters have a slightly hard edge to the sound.  The Sonus Faber is going to be much more pleasing to listen to, but are not as high resolution or revealing.  It seems that you want a tower speaker.  If you can stretch your budget or get used, maybe look at the 805 D3 bookshelves.  The D3 diamond tweeters are absolutely excellent, and the 805 can actually put out some pretty respectable bass.
Never did I think I would own Bowers speakers. I picked up the 702 S2 two weeks ago. They are NOT bright and they are not edgy.

Im really quite happy with them early in. And they are outstanding imagers. I’ve moved them out of their dedicated spots to get to the back of my gear and still get a great center image. When placed back they do a really great job imaging center and front.

i didn’t plan on these. I actually went to audition some Martin Logan’s and listened to them while there. I instantly thought they sounded great with the music I like to audition.

They are lookers too if that matters. In white, it’s matte. Looks incredible.

I’m running them on Simaudio mono blocks. NAD Masters source gear for stereo. Arcam for HT.

Really nice speakers and the imaging has shocked me the most. Not sure how they can be placed the way I’ve had them to do set-up in my rack and still get that insane imaging.

Ive owned Dynaudio, KEF, Sonus Faber etc

Here come the measurement hounds in 3, 2, 1 (-: