Decicated AC lines

Need recommendations of some good electricians in the San Jose area who can do "Dedicated AC line".
Thanks guys and girls too.
Any electrician is capable, look in the yellow pages and find the longest in the business. Those, I find are usually the most reliable and reputable.
Most electricians will not understand what a "dedicated AC line" is because they have never been asked to do one before. When you explain it, be prepared for them to laugh and tell you you're nuts.

The key elements based on my experience are:
1. if you have more than one dedicated line, they must come off the same phase
2. use 10 gauge solid core individual wires
3. twist the hot and common together about 4 times per foot
4. run a separate ground from each outlet all the way back to the panel
5. use a cryo'd Hubbel outlet
6. encase the wire in EMT pipe

It will be well worth it.