Decent tuner with a headphone output and volume control

I am thinking of an FM tuner for late night listening to a local college FM jazz station.  Would be wanting to listen with headphones and would want the tuner to have a volume control for the headphone output.  I have had decent success with many tuners running through a system, but no experience with using one with a volume controlled headphone output.  Sound quality is first priority and reception ability is next.  Thanks
I have two Accuphase T-101's that I use for background music. They have headphone jacks and volume control, but no amp. Stellar sound quality.
Thanks for the input.  A  question for a novice like me, is streaming high fidelity sound quality or is it compressed and a sample of the music but not the actual music.  Sound quality is very much what AudiogoN and other audiophile sites are/were about.  Any advice or experience you can share on  streaming and sonic quality would be helpful.  

Hope all are doing well with our globes current condition.
... is streaming high fidelity sound quality or is it compressed ...
It depends on the stream. Some stations such as Radio Paradise offer streaming in FLAC and sound great. But many terrestrial stations stream in mp3 quality that can be inferior to their OTA signal, especially if you have a good tuner and antenna.
Thanks.  It seems that streaming may be like any other in the phrase, "it depends".