decent sounding mini system

I'm living in our medical school dorm which is extremely cramp and small. That said, I'm in the market for a new system (gearing for $1200-1500) that will be (mostly) for music and (occasionally) for movies.

Space is at a premium, and to some extent, the Girlfriend-acceptance-factor.

Any suggestions?
The Denon CD receiver D-M33S at $499.00 put hte speakers away and get a pair of Dynaudio Audience 42's at $800.00 for the pair brings you in at $1300.00.
Try the Arcam Solo system. Audiophile-grade sound in an all-in-one package.
aw.... as a med student you should be using your laptop or computer as your source. Buy a decent amp. You can find many amps here between 200 and400 bucks. A linn amp or parasound or NAD or rotel would be fine. Then find a pair of small monitors (hundreds to choose from). If you have dsl or cable internet iTunes has radio stations galore to choose from. I'm using the headphone out jack of my Mac to a Gain Clone amp to a pair of RTS-3 speakers and the sound is extreamly listenable. Much better then your average $1200 system you will find. My cost on the amp and speakers and cables was $450.

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I have 13 installments dedicated to just your situation.

There are lots of good choices depending on your price-range and space requirements.
Here are a few:

Also there is the Marantz CR-502 , Arcam Solo Mini, Denon UD-M38, and very nice sounding Yamaha MCR-230BL as long as you don't get the DVD version. The Yamaha with CDP sounds much better that the DVD and costs le$$ too!