Decent software for classical LP collection mgmt?

My classical LP collection has grown out of control with various recent church bazaars and tag sale acquisitions. I need to get organized. My CD's have long been on a music server and thus they are all neatly databased, with cover art and lyrics. But my LP's are a mess.

About 10 years ago I had started to do this using a spreadsheet for the first 1500 or so albums. But I find now that I didn't record a lot of fields that I'm more interested in today (like I didn't rate any of them for condition or performance quality). Also, I keep discovering duplicate copies of stuff where I might sell it or donate the lesser copy to my church.

Anyway, this sounds like an all-winter data entry project, so I'm looking for a program that will make it as easy as possible. Any suggestions??

Doing a bit of searching and have uncovered the following packages. Anyone have experience using any of these?

* Music Library from
* Music Catalog Master from KIX Software Solutions
* Music Label 2010 16.0.1
* Catraxx
* Wax 1.0


If you find something that is usable on a Mac, let us know! I have searched without success for a good program.
I use Music Collector from
I'm very happy with it except that old classical albums are hard to find on the search-able data bases. So I enter most of my classical albums manually. Time consuming but worth it in the end.
I use collectorz, mainly because it can read bar codes. I keep vinyl in a separate data base from cd's, easier to handle. From time to time I merge the bases into a single base for searching only. Entry is done is each base. Yes, many vinyl titles never got an equal cd, so manual entry is needed in most cases.
I downloaded all 5 programs. Because I was most interested in the ability to download the information from the internet for most of my collection, I compared their ability to download from the internet. I wanted the software that offered the most websites that you can download data from.

* Music Library from CDDB only. You can access album information from other sites, but you cannot download it.
* Music Catalog Master from KIX Software Solutions: Musicbrainz, Amazon, Freedb
* Music Label 2010 16.0.1 CDDB only
* Catraxx: Discogs (a very good data site specifically geared towards vinyl) Amazon Canada, Us, Germany, UK, France. CDDB only if you insert CD into drive.
* Wax 1.0: OpenVinyl, a new vinyl site with very little data. I could not get software to work.

My favorite was Catraxx. I entered numerous albums including pretty obscure stuff and I was able to download data for every one, though for a few I had to download data for the CD from Amazon. It is odd you can only download from CDDB with a CD, but I never had to worry about that. Note, I do not have much Classical, so I don't know how extensive the classical data is. Also, the program has extensive data fields. You can also import databases from almost every music DB software. HTH
Another thanks here.Ahh but yet another bit of required kit for computer audio.
I like collectorz
When I ripped all my CD's to my server, I used dbpoweramp which has extremely good database searching. Only one out of 10 of my CD's required manual data entry. Plus dbpoweramp got the majority of the cover art right as well. Not a free program, and requires an annual subscription for the database, but well worth the money. I highly recommend it if your collection is mostly CD.

I was hoping to find something easier for LP's. I fussed around with Catraxx last night and found that it can be extremely flexible. You can design your own database elements and the entry forms. I did not have much success looking up obscure classical LP's on Discogs, however. So it appears that I'm in for a long winter, or maybe I'll just update my spreadsheet macros and continue to evolve my old database.

Unless anyone else has other suggestions for vinyl collection management software?

I should have mentioned that my collection is mostly classical - has anyone had a good experience with any of these programs (must also work on a Mac) for classical, or should I continue using my Excel file?
I am a movie and music fun. Personally, I like free Movienizer that I use and believe it to be the best DVD catalog program for my huge movie collection of more than 1000 films.:) As for music organzier I use Media Catalog Studio
I used Collectorz before abandoning it because of the quality of the online database. Scan in the CD (either by putting it in the drive or entering the barcode) and you will get:

Bach, Johann Sebastian
Bach, JS
Bach, Johann
Bach, Johann S
Johann S BACH
Johann Sebastian Bach
J.S. Bach

... and so on and so on. It will try to file your CD under a seperate composer when all of them are Bach. When you have >3000 CD's and LP's this gets tiresome very quickly.