Decent SACD?

Guys, thinking to buy a first for me 'new format' source... Heard of some cheap ones, not very good things; about pretty expensive ones - they're too expensive yet :)
Are there any decent, recommended SACD (or DVD-A) players in range of $1500 - $2500, that also would be capable of really good CD playing?
Have you looked at the new Music Hall Maverick? The CD25 is a great budget redbook machine at around 600.00 retail. The Maverick is built on that platform and style, adding on SACD capability. It also weighs about 9 pounds more than the CD25 at 22 lbs. It's new and I haven't heard it yet, but am thinking about getting one myself. Retail price is 1500.00
I have a Sony XA-777es sacd player thats pretty good redbook player (I never feel like I'm missing anything). It's sacd playback is one of the best. It can be had in your price range. It also does sacd multichannel as good as any.

What about the Marantz SA-14?
check out the Denon 2900 universal player. ive heard some good stuff about that. it also lets you do DVD-a if you so choose.
As the owner of a Pioneer Elite DV47A, I'd recommend it only for DVD and redbook - it doesn't do SACD or DVDA that well. (It's not bad, but it's no better than redbook.)

You might consider the Shanling T200 which does 2-ch SACD and redbook, and it's (barely) in your price range. Nice tube sound.
I second Brianmgrarcom's recommendation of the Marantz SA-14.

It is the source for my $50K+ system. John Marks of Stereophile and CD recording fame uses it as his reference CD player.
There are often great deals on it, on this site.

If you buy one, feel free to contact me for set-up recommendations.

Marantz DV-8400 Universal Player. Don't buy into the audio dogma that universal players cannot sonically do it all. This one can, in spades. Superior SACD, full blown DVD Audio, a pure digital out for transport, and HDAM circuts for all RCA SACD DVDA and REDbook connections . Pure discrete direct DSD chipsets , along with isolated 24/196hz DACs . Happy Listening.
Here's another vote for the Sony SCD XA777ES CD/SACD. You
can usually get a used one on A'gon for around $1,600.
I just bought the Denon DVD-2900 and it does all three formats pretty well. I have it in a top drawer system (Audio Physic IIIs, Jadis Defy 7 Mk IV, Hovland HP-100, etc) and it acquits itself quite well.

Will the mentioned players perform 'red book' as good as dedicated CD player by the same price ($2.5-3.5K)? I'm not sure...
The answer as far as the Marantz is concerned, is a definite YES.

It replaced an older $7K CD set-up, and is MUCH better.

For the money, you want to spend, you can buy Philip 1000
DVD,SACD, and cd player, or you can buy sony 9000es
and both send them to Dan Modwright for modification.
If you can still find them.
The Redbook performance of the Sony SCD XA777ES
CD/SACD player is excellent.
I agree with you Rsbeck. RedBook performance is VERY VERY GOOD. I have owned the XA777ES.

I'm currently considering getting the Consonance SACD 2.0 player which is based on the XA777ES transport and DACs. One should be able to purchase it for under $2300. 2.0 model is 2ch. The 1.0 is multichannel.

For a dealer....see Player details can be had at
The Sony won't be outperformed by any dedicated player I have listened to at its $2,000 (New) price point. But...I say that because I like it's laidback sound, if you like a player that is forward sounding then those players are on the market also. All players at your price point should sound very good no matter what you play on them but in the end it is always best to let your own ears be the judge.

Ben_...btw, What cd player are you using that beat the Ikemi? I own one, that I have been very pleased with, but am always looking for ways to upgrade.

Also, just to stay on topic, I think you need a dedicated redbook player to get the most out of that format at this time, unless your willing to spend $10K or more.
ditto on the denon 2900
Tony it was indeed the Sony XA77ES,seems any other opinion is irrelevant,it beat the DAC6 too and the New York Yankees.
Thinking about Marantz SA-14 or DV-8400, has anyone tried to compare their redbook performance to Classe CDP-10 or Audio Aero Prima?
Look for a review I did between the Denon 2900 and the marantz 8400 right here, just 3 months ago!

There is no comparasion!!!
The DENON has 0 chance against the marantz in sound.
Picture is an other matter. (If you care.)

Izsakmixer, thanks, just yesterday night I read your review and found it very interesting. Looks like pretty good SACD player in the given price range...
I'm wondering how much I'm going to sacrifice in redbook performance comparing to the best CD players in the same price range: Classe CDP-10, Audio Aero Prima, etc.
I moved on as far as CD concerned.
I have ecnoded all my 400 CDs using windows media lossless and it all runs off my pc connecting SPDIF to my Classe SSP75. Never Look back!

There still seem to be a lot of die hard CD transport fanatics and CD lovers here, I think it's the biggest waste of money! Get a new player that plays it all and spend your money elsewhere!

All I can tell you is this! The SSP75 with clean Didital fead (My pc is the best transport with 1GB of buffer!) sounds better then any dedicated CD player I have had in the house! (Meridian, Classe, Misical Fidelity JUNK).

But when I compare the Marantz to that, it comes up a bit shy, but still really good! It's just a bit less low end, a little bit less air, less refiend, but all and all still prety enjoyable!

I just bought Sony DVP 999ES(used) and listened to SACD with the chinese instruments CD from FIM. Men, it is so awesome, clear and clean with seperation but lack of transparency (probably caused by the interconnects) it comes close to EMC1 (uses XLR ICs). I read reviews about the 999ES, which is better than 9000ES, built with the latest version DSD. Therefore, no wonder a lot of audiophiles want to purchase it. Good luck.
Nguyen If you have extra cash, Send it to for modification
to Dan Wright with the signature ref mod, with volume
control,You will be surprise with the music you will get,
I have mine modified, believe me, this cd is worth at
least 5k, with the audience powerchord, the cd took off,
I heard good tubes cd players, like the nuvista,and
the consonance,IMHO the sony 9000es is as good, maybe
better.IMHO on SACD mode this cd is even hard to beat,when
I played the Mark Levinson SACD, my friend who own the
consonance sacd player, his jaw drop. It is that good.good
Darrylhifi, what's your opinion about 8400' redbook playback quality? Did you have a chance to compare it to anything else (CDP)?