decent RF universal control system

So I have my Pioneer vsx 21 elite up and running with my cable box and dvd player and 52 inch Samsung. Great sound and vision. What is a decent universal controller with RF? I guess the term basically means that the signal carries throgh walls which is what I need. A friend suggested an IR repeater, whatever that is.
Skip IR repeaters, they work but are a PITA, I like the Harmony 890, comes with an RF to IR relayer, so yep it works through walls, and can even control multiple RF->IR receivers for control of different rooms from one remote. It's also very easy to program and can be had for $244 from Amazon.
Harmony One is the best remote I ever owned. It does not sit on the table unused. Easy PC based setup, controls 15 devices and has awesome activity feature.The design fits in your hand perfectly the buttons are large and in the right place. Read the reviews online. I paid around 180.00 so serch the web for that too.
Some people consider this a repeater.It picks up the IF in one box,converts it to RF,transmits the RF signal around your house.Then the other box picks up the RF,and turns it back into IF and emits IF out to your tv,components etc.,from the second box.As you can see,this one has its problems.Link>>>[]
I second the Harmony 890, but the newer Harmony 900 is supposed to be even better. I second staying away from IR repeaters, they can be a pain in the rear.
Ok we've all decided, you're getting a Harmony.

I'll add my vote for the Harmony 890 or 900.
Easy to program and use, and if you should ever break it or replace it with a different Harmony model, you can simply download your existing program as it's stored on the harmony website.
The Universal RFS200 also has RF capability, is nicely laid out, and B&H Photo is selling it for 76 bucks, which is significantly cheaper than the Harmony 900. Also I read the Harmony 900 is limited in its macro programming capabilities (see CNET review), which may or may not be an issue. Anyway, it's another option for you. Best of luck.
There are lot's of Haters on the Harmony 900 on CNET. I am surprised, I have not used one yet, but if the 890 is still available that's a great remote. I love mine, I use it for the bedroom and game room. I have a One for my listening area.
Just to be clear, the reviews on CNET of the Harmony 900 seemed very positive except for the inability to program sequential macros. This was a major disappointment (and a curious omission on Harmony's part at this price point) for a lot of people, but if it's not an important feature for Blowfin the 900 could still be a great choice. Didn't want to leave the impression that the 900 got an overall bad review because it certainly didn't. I still question whether it's worth 3x the price of the Universal RFS200, but that's an individual decision.
I use the Harmony 900 and I am very happy with it.