Decent receiver w/an alarm function?

OK, this question is out there... Right now in my bedroom I have a little Nakamichi system--basically a glorified radio alarm clock. Basic buying criteria was finding the loudest alarm possible... I seem to be a heavy sleeper.

I'd actually like to put in something a little higher end, but I kind of need the alarm function. So, anyone know of a semi decent receiver with an alarm in it? Alternatively, anyone know of an alarm that will output a major nasty heartattack kind of noise through a standard line-out?
Easy question. A timer from Home Depot plugged into your wall outlet will send power at the predetermined time to any receiver you want.

For serious listening (after your awake), I suggest plugging the receiver into the wall directly.
if you have trouble waking up, why not try an old school alarm clock...the kind with the 2 bells on top...that should rattle your
I agree with Muzikat on the Linn Classik. Used to have an
Bose Wave, the Classik is simply the best receiver/cdplayer with an alarm. What I like the most is that you can program
each day of the week individualy. With 35 watt (high current) this baby will wake you up.
I tried the whole timer on stereo thing back in college with bad results; slept through half a final on linear spaces. Tried the old school alarm clocks too--I can sleep through that. The shrill shriek of the Nak, on the other hand, seems to do the trick. I'll look into the Linn...
I nearly slept through a final on Linear Spaces once too, but instead I went to the final, came home, curled up in the fetal position, an realized that if I'd stayed an English major I could have been plaing frisbee opn the Quad instead of studying freaking Topology.
I use a Bose wave radio with good results. Actually it's not the radio, but the music I wake up to. One of the young guy's at my work burned me a collection of his favorite speed metal song's ( if you can call it that) for me, and thats what I wake up to. To this day I haven't a clue as to what their singing about. Just put on some music you absolutley can't stand and play it loud. I promise, you won't sleep through the second snooze.