Decent preamp WITH tone controls

I recently replaced an ADCOM GFP1A, after almost two decades of service, with a CJ Sonographe SC-26. While I do appreciate the finer detail of the new pre, the lack of tone controls (bass eq in particular) is a major dissapointment. This is because I own Magnepan SMGa's and Celestion SL12si's (I switch them periodically) and while the bass that is there is fast and tight, both sound MUCH more satisfying with a bit of bass eq dialed in.

I don't really want to debate the merits of tone controls, as we did that a few months back in another thread, and I have tried all of the recommended tweaks (good stands and biwiring the Celestions, different cables for the Magnepans) with only modestly positive results. Both a subwoofer and experimentation with placement are out of the question --- audio augments my lifestyle, it doesn't consume it.

Thus, can anyone recommend a good quality preamp WITH TONE CONTROLS in the $500-$1,000 range used? Mil gracias for your help.
I am trying to decide whther or not to sell my Mac 712 and get the 41/42.But in any case an entry level (now C15) Mac pre will give you great harmonics and the flexiblity you crave.Not the the last word in alpine clear resolution but very musical.I had a Krell and a Mac and kept the McIntosh at a signfifcantly lower price.
Lots of classic gear will fit your bill. You might be surprised by a HK Citation 11 with 5-band parametric EQ.
I currently own the Mac C42 with 8 bands of eq. But also own the Audio Control 10 band equilizer which lists for around $450. An excellant addition without adding additional distortion. Will let you use spetrum analyzer to set up your speakers per you room acoustics. You can use that as your tone controls. The equilizer helps me greatly because of large room filled with rugs, drapes and furnature. Boomy bass and lack of high freqency is taken away.
If you like the Sonographe pre-amp, Musical Fidelity makes an add on tone box. Check with Audio Advisor. Also check the Linn Kolector and the NAD C-160, both are quality products with tone controls, in your price range.
Audio by Van Alstine:
Check out this preamp on eBay. Might be just what you are looking for!
I had the chance to do a "boys" weekend at a friends home
last week. He has Martin Logans...and an excellent room.
We were trying different source components and cables...and,
to make a long story short, I was, once again, impressed
with how good the old Adcom 565 pre-amp is. A plus is that
you can bypass all the tones...or have them in. A good
value...and with a very good phono section.
I concur that the Adcom 565 is a very nice preamp with tone controls. If you prefer a remote ( I can't live without one) the 750 is probably better still and is newer. Have not heard it, but I've found Adcom preamps very good sounding and I think better than their power amps.

The other option are the Quad units, can't comment personally but they are reputed to be quite good - check out a recent Absolute Sound for more.
Hey Doc> I don't have much to add to the thread except the Adcom 750 does not have tone controls. Van Alstine looks interesting especially with 30 day $ back. I for one would be interested in hearing your findings if you find a good pre with tone controls. keep us informed.