Decent preamp to match my modest system?

I have a pair of 1980 vintage Cornwalls with Crites tweeters and ALK networks, and I alternate between 6V6 and PP EL84 Magnavox console pull amps. Front end is a Denon DP-52F turntable with a Denon DL-103 and Cinemag-based SUT.

I've had a Superphon Revelation, Accuphase C200 and an Audible Illusions 2C. All three had their pluses and minuses, though I liked the Superphon's sound the best *except* for the outboard transformer buzz I could never conquer. I'm not religious about tube vs. solid state. I'm half tempted to just scratch build a Joe Esmilla-ish tube preamp, but I can be persuaded to try anything, even a cheap '80s Japanese box, if the sound is good.

Any ideas?
Thanks. I've considered both of those options. A new Mapletree phono preamp is likely my next purchase.
Good, I really like my Mapletree preamp. Suggest you call the good Dr. before you place your order and discuss your system and requirements. He can customize the preamp to pretty much anything you want. Might as well get it right to begin with.
Mapletree! The build quality is excellent and you can't beat the price. The Dr. is a great guy to work with as well.
A used AI mod 3 with the mc phono board will smoke the mapletree.... No disrespect intended but I bought a mapletree 4 se when I had my modulus upgraded. It's OK for the price but you can do much better.