Decent power strip

I've been searching the forum to find out if there's a reasonably priced ($100-$200) power strip to use for some headphone gear. The only information I was able to dig up was on DIY project power strips which I'm not interested in. I have 3-4 devices to plug in but only a duplex at this location. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Look at the Mapleshade PC
I use a PS Audio Juice Bar purchased used from Audiogon. There have since been updated versions of the original that I own.
Wireworld Matrix would be one to look at.
Hi Donjr

For my headphone set-up that consists of a CD Transport, TT, headphone amp, and separate DAC I use a Belkin PureAV Isolator Home Theater Surge Protector.

Part # F9A833-10

It retailed for $120 but can be often found for $40 to $60 nowadays. It is built very well and really easy to situate.
My suggestion is not to buy from the company targeting audiophiles because they are usually overpriced. Instead, look for the ones used by professional musicians. The brand I like is Furman. It makes all kinds of power filters and conditioners. If you only need a power strip, try the SS-6B steel power Strip for about $35. Or get the P-8 PRO II advanced power conditioning with 9 outlets for about $260. You can find them on
Great information from everyone. Thanks a ton.
The only one I've used which didn't noticeably degrade the sound was a Brickwall. Now, I don't use any but, if I were to need another, it would be the audio targeted Brickwall. The price is fair too and NO MOVs which wear out.
2nd the Brickwall
I use the Triplite 2400W power conditioners, value for money they are hard to beat.


Good Listening

I use a Tripp-lite on another lesser system.
Will second the PS Audio juice bar. Good Luck
Thanks everyone. I got myself into a wine induced impulse purchase of a Schiit Lyr headphone amp. When I realized what I had done, I decided to man up and spare Audio Advisor the pain and suffering of my stupidity. I do have a pair of AKG K702's collecting dust and a practically brand new Rotel RCD 15 something or another stored in my basement. My plan is to relax in a spare bedroom with headphones when my wife doesn't feel like listening to music. If I enjoy this setup, I might get a DAC and use a Asus laptop I have lying around. I was pleased to find some great reviews of this amp. I realize its not the cream of the crop, but should work well for me.
Hammond 1584 H series
furman was recommended to me by more than one manufacturer.
Donjr, What a coincidence. I bought my Schitt Bifrost under the same condition.

Also, if the Mapleshade PC is too expensive, try the Wiremold l10320 power strip. It, like the Mapleshade, has no fuses, passive protection, indicator lights, or switch contacts to muddy up the sound. It used to go for under $30 but this is the best price I could find for the moment;,Ny:True,Ro:0&dsDimensionSearch=D:wiremold+l10320,Dxm:All,Dxp:3&SearchType=0

It's sad that it's now going for more than twice its price from a decade ago and that their power strips with circuit breakers, lights, etc. goes for less than half. They must have caught onto the demand from audiophiles.

By the way, it's the only power strip that Naim recommends for their products.

All the best,
Wiremold. Used them off and on for years; recently put one back in my system.
The Schiit was delivered today. Wow what a beautiful design and top notch build quality.

Nonoise, that's hilarious. I felt like a fool after I ordered this amp but I'm thinking it might be loads of fun. I might end up with a Byfrost at some point. I'll find out soon I'm sure. I could sell this Rotel CDP to buy one, although this is a rather nice CDP.

Thanks again to everyone for their suggestions. It's very helpful for people like myself living in a older home with fewer outlets. I'll be mindful of how much current I'm drawing of course.