Decent power cord for Belles 150A

No more than about $250 new or used .
Signal Cable or Pangea.
For an amp like that My Audio Cables Burly Power Cord.
Strange, I had the MAC Burley on it , sounded bad, swapped it out for a ZU Birth which is much better but bass shy.
Had a similar experience years ago and solved it by moving up the Zu line to their Mother PCs. Definite improvement in bass presentation. Might consider the Zu Boks on Ebay or the new Zu Mission or Zu Event cables direct sale. They have a 60 day trial period either way you buy.
Audit Art Cable
Hi Schubert

I had no idea you had already tried the MAC Burly. I had read that a power cord like that did justice to strong power amps.

Have you tried the Cable Company? I believe they have a loan program for cables.
Second "Signal Cable" suggestion...Using with a Belles 150A Hot Rod with great results...
Thanks fellas, I'll order a signal cable.