Decent Power Conditioner in the $ 300-$400s?


I am looking for a decent power conditioner in the $300-$400 price range, used. It is for my second system that already has a dedicated line, but only two sockets. The system:

Eastern Electric Minimax Tube CD player
Wavac 811 amplifier
Kcs custom made monitors
Hsu VTF1 pair of subs.

I don't have any idea of units in this price range. I use an Exactpower in my main system, but I don't need such level of performance in my second system. Many thanks for your help. Pablo.
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PS Audio Quintet is good; it is a filter and gives protection against surges. Most of the cheaper ones I know of make the sound worse, these don't. I just bought a second one on here. New they are $400 from Audio Advisor; AA has a return policy if you don't like your purchase. Look at Stereophile review.
And if 10 outlets are too many, there's the PS Audio Duet, only 4 outlets, otherwise same as the Quintet.
They go for $200 max used on Audiogon with best deals ringing at $125 - $150
I have an APC 15 that I picked up for $238 to my door on a Black Friday deal and have been very happy with it. I didn't notice a significant change with it, but it certainly didn't degrade anything. One nice feature is that it has two outlets specifically for high current components (i.e. amplifier and subwoofer), but it looks like you have two subwoofers that might be one too many. I think you can reconfigure the outlets to add another one with the higher current allowance, but you'll need to confirm before making a purchase.
used APC as mentioned above.
Balanced Power Technologies has some well reviewed options at your price point:

I also have an APC H15 I bought for my wife's TV. The Quintet improves the sound of my system even though I have dedicated lines and high quality AC receptacles. Martin Colloms found in a HIFICRITIC review that although the Duet and Quintet were supposedly the same the Quintet sounded considerably better. I bought my second one for $250 on here.
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I recommend that you check the Transcendent Audio website for a power conditioner. There is a kit or factory assembled unit. It has done wonders for my system since my electrical power is very dirty. The price point is well below my fellow audio nuts pieces. Hope this helps. Steve
Audio nut pieces is a fairly accurate, if not particularly charitable , description of most of us on here.
What about Richard Gray's older RGPC 400 or 400s models? Most can be found here for $350 to $400.
Hi Everybody:

Thank you very much for your answers. I am building my shord list with those alternatives. However, I have a question? Why the PS Audio Powerplant was not mentioned by anybody? The P300 can be found for the money I am willing to spend. Is there any reason for the PS Audio P300 not being mentioned? Many thanks, Pablo.