Decent phono stage in basic integrated?

Hi everyone,

I'm setting up a small office system just for vinyl. Due to space limitations, I'm going with an integrated w/phono input around 1-1.5K or maybe slightly more. So, my main consideration is the quality of the phono stage. Any thoughts on the quality of the phono input on any of the following?

1. Arcam A19
2. Rogue Sphinx (I had this a year ago, but didn't have my 'table then. And there was hum in one channel that I could get rid of. Ended up getting rid of it).
3. Croft Phono Integrated (ok, this is the one I really want, but I don't know anyone who has heard it).
4. Marantz PM6005

I'm not a Rega fan, so no-go on the Brio. All other things being equal, I like a slightly warmer-than-neutral sound, but perhaps at this level you take what you can get.

Thanks for any input.

Best, Scott
Rega Brio, even though you are not high on Rega (for whatever reason), is the way to go. Easy to use, warm side of neutral, and a beautiful little phono stage built right in.
I would get a Primaluna Prologue or Dialogue w/phono option $1500-$2200 (used) or use a good outboard phono from the used market for around $300.
Take a look at Denon's offerings. I know they're not on the audiophile's radar but they've been designing and manufacturing quality, musical sounding equipment for decades.
How about a Naim Nait?
You didn't mention what speakers you have Scott. I assume that you already know that any of the 4 above will properly drive them so that leaves the concern of the phono section.

Here are my thoughts about the units you list. Too bad about your experience with the Rogue. That would have been my first choice as I have read great things about its phono section and actually heard one during a lengthy audition.

Since your budget will allow, why not bump up the Marantz to the PM8005 or even the new PM7005. Unlike the 6005, these two are built at their reference factory in Japan along side their higher level components. I have a PM15S2 LE and find the built in phono section in this unit very good. I use it with a secondary table.

Can't comments on the others but would say that if your really want the Croft, then make yourself happy and get the Croft. Instead of asking a bunch of strangers on the internet what we think. Its your system brother. Go for it!
Luxman 550 AX best built in integrated phono i ever experienced.
Here's a thread by a recent Croft integrated on another forum.
FWIW I'm with you on the Rega gear.
OP here - Thanks for all the responses. In response¬Ö

-just didn't like the Rega sound - not as easygoing as I like.

-my hesitation on the Croft is the lack of a remote and the volume control for each channel. The sound had better be significantly better than others on the list to make it worthwhile.

-I had meant to type 8005 for the Marantz, not 6005. I have heard good things about the phono stage.

-I have heard the Arcam A19 with CDs, and it was impressive. Just don't know anything about the phono stage.

-Primaluna is probably not the best choice for my office system due to space constraints (needs to be flexible with placement, and might not have enough breathing room).

Thanks for all the input - I'll keep you posted on what I decide.
Best, Scott
By something by Musical Fidelity - big, powerful, easy going yet neutral, well built...
OP didn't mention if used was an option....some older int amps have nice phono stages.

I second the Musical Fidelity int amp suggestion.

I have the MF A5 Int Amp - wonderful phono input. It beat a stand alone Jolida JD9 phono pre that I tried - not even close.