Decent p-mount table?

Technics or others make a decent table?
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The Technics SL-10 from 30yrs ago is a great table.
The Technics SL-MA1 looked to be a pretty good top end unit of that era. If I were to want a P-Mount table I'd look at finding one of these, though I'm sure they don't go for pennies on the used circuit.
Second the technics SL10. Once owned 3 of them. Excellent turntable.
The SL 7, 10 or 15 are good; I use to sell them and often had one in my system.
The Technics SL-10 and 15 are great. These two table were originally sold with EPS-310MC moving-coil cartridge which was specifically for the tables. If you can find one with the cartridge it would be a huge score. Without the cartridge they are great tables which work well with most P-mounts.

SL-10=full auto
SL-15=full auto and programable.
I still have an SL-10. I haven't played it in awhile. I might have to fire it up. It benefitted from being placed on a Townshend seismic sink. It is currently fitted with an Ortofon OM20 cartridge. I have the original MC cartridge which I never used very much. I would guess the suspension isn't all that great after sitting in a box for 25 years. Records with a bit of warp at the outer edge always presented a problem due to the clamshell design whereby they would rub and alter the speed stability. The same record would play fine on a conventional table. I would love to use it in my secondary system but space is non existent.
If you don't want to spend a FORTUNE on a table, but still want respectable performance, some of the P-Mount tables with the stright arms from Technics were very good as well. I have SL-QD33 in my living room HT system and fitted with an Ortofon X1-MCP, it's a nice Quartz Lock DD table that is full auto with logic control. The tonearm is motorized much like the MA1 mentioned above. Very smooth and soft tomearm movement. Not clunky or cheep feeling like the mechanical ones.
I've got my eye on a Technics SL-10 TT being offered for sale but it has been in stored in a closet for about 25 years. The owner says it has low hours on it but has not fired it up in years. It is all original with packaging, manual and cables.

What should I be on the look out for with a TT being stored for so long? What steps should be taken before I would plug and play the Technics SL-10?

I'm a novice when it comes to vinyl so I have no idea what to do and a search in the archives didn't provide me much results.

Plug it in, select a record and hit play. If it was stored in its own box it should be fine and not require any cleaning or maintenance.