Decent Interconnects From Table to Preamp

Hello All,
I have a Harmon Kardan T65c Turntable. It has Gold RCA Jacks on the rear of the Turntable. I was looking for a pair of lower priced Interconnects to connect to my preamp. This Turntable has a Capacitance Pot/Dial to make adjustments to capacitance, so that may help in cable recommendations. Are there any available local, like Radio Shack, Best Buy, etc...Thanks, Ray
What is the price range that fits your budget? I may be able to make a suggestion if given this information.
I like Amandarae's suggestion as well. I wouldn't spend more than $30 or so.

Good as those cartridges are, they will be limited not only by the table's tonearm wiring, but also the Ito arm itself, which was decent enough in its day but far surpassed by even entry level arms like the Rega RB251 today. As a package, the T65c was a very good table overall. In fact, I've owned the T35 and T60 myself.

Also...I wouldn't mount the OC-9 on that tonearm. Way too light and far too imprecise.