Decent DVD Player

I have an Accurus A125x5, and teetering between the B&K ref 30 and ACT3 (price reasons). I will need a decent DVD player as well. Can anyone point me in the direction of some DVD Players that will complement the above?

I don't know about complementing the above, but the Pioneer players are good...especially the Elite level players. Some other companies make great players too. What price range are you talking about?
I have a Pioneer Elite DV-37 which I like very much: outstanding picture quality, excellent audio, and fine construction. I bought mine discounted for $650 (MSRP is $1000) -- if you are interested in contacting the seller, drop me a private E-mail.
Pioneer DV-37 (or is it the DV-38 for 2002?). Progressive scan. Good player. If you can pick up a Sony DVP-9000ES it is awesome (I own one). Sony has also just come out with a new progressive scan DVD player that lists for about $299 I think. This is a cheaper alternative. My vote for preamp, purely for audio/video, still goes to the B&K Ref-30 over the Acurus. Good luck.

I concur with the above. Most of the players Pioneer make are decent players to begin with. But according to your equipment level that is listed above, I would be looking at one of their "Elite" players at the very least. Both of the players I am going to list are both progressive scan players, so both of them should deliver a superb picture. But what you want afterwards will depend on your needs, wants and priorities.

(01). The Pioneer Elite DV-C36 is worth looking into if you want the convenience of a changer.

(02). The Pioneer Elite DV-37 (which is the one that I also have) is worth looking into if you are into a machine that lets you fine tune the machine according to the display that you are using. Also, if you want outstanding sound quality (which I have recently discovered, having to try it out in my audio system and came away flabergasted........ I may have found my "high-end" CD Player, even though I been using it as my DVD Player for the last seven months. Hey, so much for getting a Meridian 506.24 or an Arcam CD72. Gee, I think I may have saved myself about $1000.00. I think I am going to keep the DV-37 in my audio system for now on, and I'll just get me one of those newer and affordable progressive scan players for my TV for a Christmas present) and build quality. I concur with "Sdcampbell" completely. I purchased mine locally. I paid $700.00 for my machine (my dealer sells it for $800.00...... just because I was an excellent customer to him for about 20 years, he gave me $100.00 off on my machine when I bought mine). But it retails for $1,000.00.

Also, I would also look at the Panasonic RP-91 and the Sony DVP-S9000ES (which has recently taken a price cut (according to my dealer, anyway). I believe you should be able to land one for about $1,100.00).

Let us know what you will eventually decide on.

Good Luck.

I use the original Sony DVP-S7000. It's a great player, although it DOES NOT pass a DTS signal. The later model the 7700, does. Both occasionally pop up used for less than $500. Build quality is excellent.

Most of the comments you've received are on the money - the Pioneer Elite line offers exceptional performance/value. If you're hawking value, then the DV-37 is the choice; if you want absolute performance (short of about 5K), then the big brother DV-38A is it. While I am a Sony fan, the 9000es is older and cannot compete with the DV-38A (I've had them side by side for comparison). If you want any help in the acquisition, just drop me a line - good luck,

There is a Pioneer Elite DV-37 listed right now on A-gon for $500. You ought to check it out .....
I have the Pioneer Elite DV-09 (previous top-of-line to DV-38A- but no pro. scan, which is a non-issue to me right now anyways). Insane build quality, with fantastic picture/sound (operates as a top-notch transport as well). In the immortal words of a well-known NCAA college hoops colour commentator- A-w-e-s-o-m-e b-a-b-y!!!!!!!!!!
It all dependce on the money but before buying something I'd
look at Toshiba 9200 universal DVD player. It plays HDCD,DVD video,DVD Audio, SVCD,VCD,CD-R, CD-RW, MP3 and CD as a good cd player and also you can switch video cirket of for higher quality audio playback.
You may wish to check out the results of a very comprehensive DVD review. It can be found at

Good luck.
All the Pioneers dvd players have the chroma bug, so if you're able to see the bug, stay away of the pioneers. The Panasonic RP-91 maybe is the best choice for you. Great performance both interlaced and progressive and you get DVD-Audio as a bonus.
Read the DVD Benchmark tests at this website

The Pioneers don't look like the best ones according to the studies.