Decent DAC with Real Remote

I would like to be able to use my universal remote with my system. Ya, ya, real audiophiles don't use them. Pffft. If my Cary SLP-03 preamp supports it and my Oppo BDP-95 supports it I see no reason why my DAC can't.

My Cary Xciter has no remote. It is supposed to sense inputs automatically. It's never worked once that way.

I thought I'd get a Wyred4Sound DAC-2 since it has a remote, but it only cycles up and down, not to a specific input. Why? Why? Why? It's better, but it's still really annoying. My Peachtree Nova did, but it did not measure up to the sound of the SLP-03 or the Xciter either as a preamp or as a DAC.

Is there any hope here?
Benchmark DAC1 HDR or DAC2 HGC. Both have remotes. Both allow input selection.
Thanks, Jaxwired I contacted Wyred4Sound and they said they could create a custom firmware for me that would support discrete codes. Now that is good customer service.
The Bel Canto DACs (1.5, 2.5, 3.5) allow you to use their remote to pick specific inputs (via the number buttons).

***Bel Canto dealer disclaimer***
Check out the DSPeaker Dual Core 2.0. Very versatile unit. A remote, a DAC, DSP (automatic with enclosed mic up to 500Hz), volume control (if desired), A/D/A (for DSP of an analog signal). A huge fan. Tweek Geek also had audition and return policies, so you could try it out in your own rig (Mike at Tweek Geek is great to work with), even if there isn't a local dealer. And the Dual Core is being constantly improved via firmware updates.