Decent cartridge for Linn LP12 with Ittok LVII

My system has recently come out of storage after 6 years and I think I need to start with a replacement for my Linn K18 mm cartridge that is at least 12-15 years old. The table is a 1985 valhalla LP12 with Ittok LVII. Neither circus nor trampolin nor lingo upgrades, though I am thinking of a used lingo. Speakers are newer--Vienna Acoustic Mozart Grands; electronics are 20 year old Adcom 545 amp (100 watts/side) and 565 preamp (internal MM phono). Starting at the source, does anyone have any particular recommendations for a MM or MC or MI (Soundsmith?) cartridges that interact well with that table and arm? In terms of cost I suppose $500 to $1,000 though I would prefer to do it once and not be dissatisfied once I upgrade electronics, too (thinking tube integrated but perhaps separate tube preamp and either tube or SS amp). I mostly listen to rock and jazz (or at least I used too). Thanks for whatever guidance you can provide.
I have an LP 12 of that vintage which I upgraded with Mose Hercules PS , Sole sub chassie and arm board and new springs. Amazing improvement for not that much money but requires a good technition unless you are really handy yourself. I have had Ittoks : the cartridges I used with them that are still avalable are the AT OC9; I still like that but the EV 33 is even better, and the Denon 304. The Dynavector line [dealer disclaimer] is also very good. Get the new mat first thing, $25 + a few dollars shipping from the Linn store on ebay. The HO Dynavectors will work into your MM input; otherwise I would budget for a good phono stage or SUT before deciding on an expensive low output MC.
Why not try the Adikt? MM 6.5mV I have a Sondek 12 Ittcok LV II that I rebuilt(without a jig) Had a nice Nagaoka MP 11 Linn K-9, K-18, 2 Dynavector 10/5 MC (which I think sound good but are garbage) then I mounted the Adkit and it seems to work just fine in my tube system. Best of luck.
I also recommend the Linn Adikt. Excellent cartridge and you keep the Linn synergy.
Thanks all for such prompt replies.
I received mixed reviews on the Adikt, from Linn dealers no less. For that type/price point, Rega Exact 2 and Dynavector 10X5 were suggested; Soundsmiths also were mentioned. I am intrigued by the Soundsmith moving iron cartridges, though output is somewhat low at about 2.5 mv (comparred to 4.5mv for the k18). I am also ready for a change from Linn as I had a K9 (or 2) prior to the K18. Insofar as low output MCs go, yes, I expected to purchase a phono (step-up) amp for that purpose and possibly to do so in any case (MM or MC) in anticipation of the probable lack of a phono section on any new pre-amp or integrated amp.
I like ALL of Stanwal's recommendations, especially the Mose Hercules and Sole sub chassis. The AT OC9 is a proven cartridge for the Ittok.
I recommend any of the Lyra cartridges. I had a Troika on my Ekos before I bought a Delos then upgraded to a Kleos and either Lyra just made the table sing.