Decent cables for vintage McIntosh MC250 amp?

My AntiCables dont fit the strip of the "new" vintage McIntosh MC250 I just got refurbished by Terry DeWick. I have some "adaptors" I got off Ebay but they seem at best to handle 12 gauge wire. Can anyone suggest some decent quality cable that can be used on either the old Mac speaker strips or that fit these adapters. I liked the AC but I am not yet ready to cut off the current oversized spades and I am curious about what else is out there. I would want something below $300 for a pair of 8 foot lengths. Using with Ohm Walsh 2s retrofitted with 100S3 drivers.
Morrow Audio will fit the early McIntosh... I have them, the 4 series, and all levels 1-4 should work well with the binding posts (no spades, naked wire). I was amazed at the compatibility and musicality of the Morrow + early McIntosh. Mike Morrow advertises here. Give him a call: 60 day money back satisfaction.

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You need to take the 'cure' and go shopping at monoprice. Dare to be sensible.
If you like the anti-cables, why don't you ask Paul Speltz to install smaller spades that fit those old barrier strips? Its gotta be cheaper than buying another set of cables.
Thanks for the feedback from all who left input. I will check out the recos. BTW, I am using the ACs in another system. I had never used upgraded cables, speaker or IC b4 I got them in the last year.They were the first and I like them. It just made me wonder about what else was out there and what great performance to value opportunities there might be and the impact on my sound. I have a number of different pres and power amps and have seen improvements and change as I experimented there. But cables can be had for less $$$ and seemingly still make an impact. Getting sucked into the voodoo I guess....