Decent budget Blu-Ray

I'm looking for a decent, inexpensive Blu-Ray player. The cheaper the better. Will be used for movies 99% of the time, on an Epson projector.

Any opinions welcome.
You really have to define what "cheap" means for you, it's a very relative concept... I have the Oppo BDP 95, using it as the audio source as well, and it is fantastic! It's $1k, so definitely not "as cheap as possible". Before it, I had the older Oppo BDP83, it was a cheap model (I think about 450 when I got it), and it did 95% of what the more expensive unit I have now does!
There are reviews of several under $150 at I have a Sony S580 that I am very satisfied with.

Here's a link to the review of the Sony:
The Sony S580 is very nice. Excellant video and good audio. Often on sale very cheap. They have several inexpensive models that all perform very well including SACD
The NAD T557 is a great little player. Loads very fast, great picture.
PS3....the elegant solution.

I bought a Sony 2 weeks ago for under $100 for my second home theatre.
I am amazed at the value, both sound and video. It also plays SACD, but I haven't tried that yet.
Black Friday and the days after may yield a great deal. I purchased several Samsung blu-ray players in a past year for $90 that retailed for as high as $250+. I'm not saying that I have the greatest player on earth, but it does the job and it didn't cost very much. Everyone that I know that owns one seems to be perfectly happy.

Just watch for a big sale if you're really looking for a cheap player. If you want something at the next level, consider something like an Oppo.
FYI on the Sony: It plays SACD, but converts to PCM.
As for a price, I was hoping to be somewhere around the $200-$250 range.

PS3....the elegant solution.

I had thought about going this route. I don't really play games, but I've heard they are pretty good players.
I'd love a PS3.....Too bad it's made by Sony, a company which IMO has gone about as far downhill as possible in some aspects of customers service.

As 'proof', I ask only that you spend a few minutes looking up the RPTV debacle of the last decade.

I'd rather have a couple year old OPPO '83 with a few miles on it run it until it went belly up.
I spent $250 for my first Blu Ray 9Panasonic) last year and the Sony that I just spent $95 for is at least as good.
The machine is plug and play. Who needs customer service? At this price point, who cares about customer service? If it dies after a couple of years by that time the replacement will probably cost as much as a nice toothbrush.