decent beginner amplifier rec's

Hey all, new audiophile in training..heh.

Going to be purchasing an amplifier for two bookshelf/monitor speakers I am running computer sound through (for production work) and was wondering if there were any of you who would recommend a certain brand or model.

I am not looking to spend a fortune, just want an idea of what some entry level amps would cost/be like.

Thanks, Caleb
How much you looking to spend, and what kind of monitors are you going to be running? Also, what type of music?

You might want to look at some Parasound or Adcom amps if yer on a budget, they give a good bang for the buck
You can find suitable amps for $30 at Target or spend thousands of dollars at a local dealer. If you can give us a better idea of what you're looking, the physical size desired, how often it will be used, are there thermal restrictions involved, what it will be used with in terms of speakers and listening levels, etc..., we might be able to make some usable suggestions. Sean
You didn't mention what your bookshelf monitors were, but in any event, I would recommend a used Audio Refinement Complete intergrated amp. They are used for @$500.00.Go for it. You won't be sorry.Power cord for amp, Shunyata Sidewinder Gold,used:$150.00 For a good used CD player, find a Sony DVP NS500V,used: $100.00.Interconnect for Cdp to pre: MAS Black-New: $40.00/pr. Speaker cables: River Cables Flexygy 6,new:$255.00/ 2 meter/pr. There! I just described my beloved bedroom system.
hey there, sorry for not giving too much information.

the amp would be for a home studio, I produce electronic music via my computer. i am using two Pro-Linear 5.5B speakers, 50hz-20khz frequency, 8ohm impedance, 150watts at the moment, but using an old mini-system amp (eek).

it would probably be used daily, not at excessive levels as I do share my house with other people :p

thanks, caleb
bryston, adcom, or parasound. bryston has the best warranty in the business (20 year, fully transferable). Any of those three would be a decent stopping point for a beginning audiophile until your tastes develop and mature. I'd buy used ones. If you keep them in good shape you should pretty much be able to recoup most of your initial purchase price come time to sell.

Also consider the Krell KAV-300i intergrated amp (preamp and power amp in one) for about $1000 used.
I can say ATI without reservation. I have had 30 high end, expensive amps and this $650 ATI has nothing to apologize for. These guys were the ones who founded SAE, one of the hallmark brands from the '70s. They do all of their own work right in the USA, including winding there own transformers. They have a 7 year warranty.

I have to tell you that I don't feel the least bit of angst with the amp running my Maggie 3.6's, which are almost $5000. The price disrepency doesn't phase me at all. The sound is superb without being edgy.

Give Mike Pontelle a call at ATI, 818 343-4777.

I have been through quite a bit with everyone else's amplifiers. IF I knew then what I know now maybe I wouldn't have dropped so much money over the years.
See if you can find A B&K ST 140 (200-250 on Ebay)and a used B&K Pro 5 (100-150). Nice warm nuetral sound and made well.... Sorry Vets. I am partial to B&K. I just bought a Sunfire Ref preamp for $500 and my B&K PT3 Mk 2 puts it to shame....