Decent 6-8ft phono cable advice needed.

I know this is a loaded question but I’m looking for a decent 6-8ft cable to connect an inexpensive turntable to my HT/family room system. I’ll probably upgrade the turntable later if the family starts digging the whole vinyl thing more. I know I do now but this is our HT/family room setup so I’m easing it in. I’ve had good success with Blue Jeans cables for other applications in the past for value/performance and am wondering if I should go that route? Do I just need standard RCA cables or should I look for more insulation/etc. because of the length I need and proximity of other equipment? If it matters, I’ll be connecting to a Yamaha 1060 AV receiver with a Parasound Halo A23 via Belden 8402 cables, driving my older KEF Reference Model Two mains. I realize shorter is better but I can’t shorten the length I need for this application.

Thanks for any input.
Belden 1800F with KLEI Absolute Harmony RCA
For $700 look for a used DD like Denon DP-57M, Pioneer PL-L1000, etc.
In terms of isolation, I also use 4 vibrapods underneath a 1 3/4" thick maple cutting board I bought on Amazon for $25. Very heavy and did the trick for little expense.