Decco by Peachtree Audio Good Deal?

I recently purchased this integrated at a store going out of business for $399.99 (1/2 off).

Good deal? I actually purchased a lot of other things too and am starting to have buyer's remorse. I can return it but wanted to get some feedback here.

Any words would be helpful. Thanks
I'll give you $399 for it.
Great amp for $700, outrageous for $400. Are you kidding? The DAC alone is worth the $400. Replace the stock tube and PC with upgrades and this will compete with amps far more expensive. Enjoy it man.
It's a great deal if you hook it up to a computer. If not, you are better off using more conventional tube integrateds or separates. Personally, I feel that the Peachtree model is the future of music. I understand that listening to analog records gives the best sound but for budding mid-fi to hi-fi consumers born in the age of CDs and MP3s, most of our music is on hard drives through lossless downloads or rips. If you have a large collection of LPs and tapes, you may want to sell it for a profit and wait for the technology to develop.

The Peachtree is a first generation product. As the market for tube preamps with a USB connection increases, I feel that more manufacturers will make higher quality products in the future. But for now, the Decco is a real peach.